To make sure your ad is published online, read these rules and our Terms of Use before you create your ad

Rules for details within ads

These rules tell you what you can and can't put into your ad, including titles, descriptions, photos and other extra DETAILS


You must include a price in the 'selling price' field.
You must not include pricing information within ad titles. This includes:
$ symbol followed by numbers, eg. $27.95
$ & ¢ written as words, eg. twenty dollars fifty cents
numbers written as words, eg. twenty, three, thousand

Prohibited items or activities bans the sale or advertising of certain items and illegal activities. Be sure to read our prohibited items policy for a detailed list if you're uncertain about your item.

References to third party organizations and websites

Sellers must not make reference to sales or advertising with third party organizations or websites that offer to trade, sell or purchase goods or services outside of Black Donnelly Media

If you would like to by, sell or trade please send your item picture and description with contact under the heading 

buy sell trade to