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Writer, Poet, Musician, Content Creator, Voice and Live actor, Director.

Originally from Bramalea Ontario,  my youth was gifted with a musical, giggle filled chaotic home. A close knit and generally happy crazy family.

I was raised to follow simple truths and to strive for the betterment of us all.

Loving all things art, I really dig rock n roll (emphasis on the n' roll) , quick wae a joke, a loving embrace or a sympathetic tear as my soul directs.

Always ready to jump on board or take the wheel, I start most journeys with a fabulous sense of misdirection

I'm eternally grounded with an ever present eye on the stars, I look forward to pursuing dreams and blazing new ground.

As for references, well, dogs and babys love me, and I'm the light of ma wee mammys eye.

Plugged into the moon, I shoot for the stars.



Gordon Feeney


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