Co-Host - Photographer

Who am I? I’m Candice, everyone’s favorite free spirited fun loving West Coast Host. Giving
you a birds eyes view from life in Vancouver.
Originally from Burlington Ontario. Grew up in the suburbs. Eventually making my way to
Toronto. Where I entered the rave scene in the late 90’s. Spent the majority of my life
playing and networking in the city. Two years ago I decided to sell off everything, pack two
suitcases and start all over in the mountains.
My passion lies in photography and film. I started taking pictures when I was 7. There’s
never a moment where I’m not in front or behind a lens.
Life in Vancouver is an experience in itself. A huge contrast to Toronto. Whether it’s the
prehistoric vibe, with oceanfront views and mountains, or the colourful folk on Hastings shooting
and smoking drugs.
I look forward to working and building with the BDM team. Excited to share stories and
experiences and bring a little heart and soul to the show.
Much love
Candice xo