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My name if Jeffrey A. Sands. I apologize that there is no Pirate Hat in my pic....I seem to have misplaced it.I find that, generally speaking, quick bios tend to leave out key insights, whereas in actual Biographies, those insights are generally lost in a wealth of painfully unnecessary detail and self-serving retrospection.

Was born in Toronto, spent most of my “Wasted Yute” in Bramalea (The Overwhelming Majority of that in a Pub owned by a member of the Donnelly Clan), and am now a resident of Toronto again….I am either an East or North Yorker, depending on which map you’re referring to.

I met The Love of My Life in High School at 17, and we’ve now been married 25 years. Here we are currently, riding out another bout of Stormy Weather….I’m sure that you can relate.

After High School, I tried my hand at several things, including taking Journalism at Humber College, but decided to make a go of it on my own instead, so have done almost everything from Busboy to Aircraft Deicing to Telecommunications Installation and Third Party Client Support.

What I do for work currently, doesn’t really matter and definitely isn’t at all interesting: It Pays the Bills, but kills the Soul.

So what does matter is what I’ve done with myself despite all of that, which is to continue exploring, learning and questioning the Meaning of Life, the Multiverse and Everything….I’ve dabbled with and indeed become semi-proficient in any or all of the following fields: Comparative Religion and the study of New Religious Movements; Evolutionary Psychology; Jaynesian Theory on the Bicameral Mind and the Origin of Consciousness & Etc.


I’m also a Whisky Snob, and normally avoid anything not from Islay: Smoke is the Name and Peat is the Game. I Luv/Hate all Things Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Lord of the Rings and have never owned a Gaming Console of any Description in my life, excluding a Commodore 64, Back in the Day.

I currently reside in a Three Bedroom Condo that contains 23 sets of shelves double-stacked with books. These I generally purchased based on the merits of their Bibliography: If it doesn’t lead me to the primary literature or more expansive material on the topic at issue, I’ll generally leave it on the shelf. I love the smell of dust and the creak of antique leather bindings.

In short. Time grows short….I’ve gone over the Hump and am just now picking up speed.

What better time to finally force myself onto an unsuspecting, unprepared World?What I hope to bring to the table at BDM is a sense of Enraged Dysfunction, Reflective Self-Loathing and Refreshingly Comedic Irreverence for anything everything that everyone took for granted, just a few short weeks ago….

This New Age of the Human Experience needs voices of Reason laced with Equivocation and Grey Areas: The Age of Political Absolutes is Over. We’re proving it now.So, when the Dust Settles, it’s our collective voice that should be contributing to the Healing.At least, that’s my hope.


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