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Check out the latest Person Of Interest interview with  Gordon Deppe from The Spoons with an exclusive on where the artist is currently at. 

“New Day New World”, the first studio project to be released by the Spoons in over eight years, is available now!


This new album plays on the band’s earlier edgy electro-80s sound and evokes the fun, pop sounds of their biggest hits, while transporting them firmly into 2019.

The new album is now available to purchase directly on both CD and Vinyl......

Ewan Macfarlane


FORMER Grim Northern Social frontman , and former frontman/singer of electro band Apollo 440, also a member of house music duo Mennska

is just out of the studio with his long awaited brand new solo LP.

It is an honour to have him

in the studio to reveal his new material & interview.

Check it out here.



Hippy is the creative collaboration between singer songwriter Paul 'Hippy' Hipson and guitarist Hugh Frizell both based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Prior to the formation of Hippy, Paul has played many well received local and national shows over time and built an enviable reputation as both writer and performer with several single, album and EP releases. Hugh is also a seasoned musician of many years with many gigs, touring and recording work under his belt.

The guys met by chance in Glasgow back in September 2019 and hit it off personally and musically. In doing so they decided to go into the studio to cut a song and see if it clicked between them. It did. The result of that first studio collaboration was the track 'Aries Girl' which was released in November 2019 and met with critical acclaim.

The subsequent follow up songs including, 'Feelgood', 'Junkyard Babies' and 'Volunteer' were received with genuine positivity from critics and fans alike. At this point - with Paul and Hugh both thoroughly enjoying the experience of crafting their songs and finalising them in the studio - the decision was then made to try to attempt to write and record a full album.

The album was successfully completed by September 2020 at the HQ Recording Studios, Glasgow and features 12 tracks, 11 written by Hippy/ Hugh Frizell and one live cover taken from an earlier live appearance in Glasgow - 'Waiting For a Friend' previously sung by The Who's Roger Daltrey.

'Behind Every Song is a Story’ - Hippy was released digitally on all major platforms on October 9th.


Canadian musician Steve Waller, has been actively creating music across various musical genres, leaning to the harder / darker forms of this art, Beginning in the mid 80's skate punk / metal scene.

His introduction to electronic music via skinny puppy, meat beat manifesto, front 242 and others, has curated an addiction to hardware synths, and samplers.

This has lead to current industrial techno, and cold wave projects with musicians from around the globe .

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House of Flowers

House of Flowers are Paul Sumner & Stevie Gell

They have been creating music in various guises since the mid 90’s when as teenagers their band Ease signed to Beatific records and released the album Cigarette Machine from God This was the height of “Britpop” and although the album had great critical acclaim due to the label going bust the release never got the traction it should

Since the early days they have both been on very different journeys but still always stayed close bond by their eclectic taste in music.

Paul is the real traditional musican in the band being a left handed drummer and also accomplished guitar play and top draw singer often referred to as the harmony machine in the studio due to his talent of layering first take harmonies.

Since the 90’s Paul has worked as a session musician and Artist development at the infamous Rofl Studios in Nottingham

Stevie took a more electronic path when he discovered house music in the late 90’s developing a successful career as a DJ and producer running his own club night Deluxe, he has always written songs on the piano & guitar developing a talent for poignant heartfelt lyrics that seem to resonate with people on many levels.

The writing process between Paul & Stevie is magical to witness and the type of partnership you can only have when you have spent 20 years writing together.

They take a very relaxed approach often writing whilst has watching football and finishing each others sentences and chord progressions instinctively whilst appearing to put very little effort into the job in hand.

The debut Single released 30th October on Parloscope International Recordings is the self titled House of Flowers

The song written in late 2019 which they began recording just before lockdown magically fits the world of uncertainty we live in today.

House of Flowers is a big song of Hope, Love and Protest that recognises the fragility of life told through nature and the life cycle of a Flower, growing, blooming and giving eternal life from its seeds retuning back to earth and growing again.

Its mature powerful pop music with a message of Love.

2021 is gonna be a big year for House of Flowers with a string of single release planned on Parloscope and number of festival appearances penned in for the summer

Synners of  Truth

Synners of Truth are a duo comprising of Joe O'Rafferty and Johnzo Reid and based north of Toronto, Canada.


Joe is originally from Belfast, Ireland and resides in Caledon, Ontario. Joe is the singer and lyricist and also helps arrange the music when required.


Johnzo is originally from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, England and resides in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Johnzo composes the music and helps out with backing vocals.


We met when we played in another band, The Wednesday Boys, way back in the day when Brampton had a great British bar scene and we played Brit alternative songs from the likes of The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Jam, The Farm and many other 80's bands.


As The Wednesday Boys were wrapping up as a band Joe and I hung out at my place and quite by accident began writing our own original songs. By accident I mean I would be quietly strumming what I considered to be 'finger warming exercises' for the guitar until one day Joe implored me to make a basic recording on an old tape recorder. I thought he was losing it to be honest but Joe has that 2nd sight for music and a few days later came over to my place and asked me to play the tune again, I didn't know which 'tune' he meant but we figured it out so I played it and Joe began singing his new lyrics to it.


That first song grew into more from my 'finger warming' ditty's and we had enough to play the Toronto clubs such as Lee's Palace, The Opera House and The Elmo etc. That band was called 'Less Is More'.


Life got in the way and we went our own ways but I knew we had unfinished musical business and 18 years later I contacted Joe and gradually we got back into our music, the old songs proved timeless and it seemed surreal hearing a couple of them being played on Wasaga Beaches radio station 97.7 The Beach.


We found it extremely challenging to find other band members due to our music being influenced by our backgrounds in the UK and Ireland and it became inevitable that we market ourselves as a duo today.


2020 changed everything for us as we became fortunate enough to be helped by a musical genius, Damian Spaulding, who is re-recording, playing instruments, mixing and producing our songs one by one starting with Shake Mahone which will be released under Damian's record label (Spaulding Canada) and publishing company.

contact :


Hello world, it’s

YammaKing bringing you the classics, inspired by the greats.

My inspiration comes from Meek Mill, The Game, Dr. Dre, Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z. I’m very old school when it comes to rap,

so the plan is to bring that old style back to the precipice of hip hop.

I've been doing this for awhile but never had the facility to put my work out. My good friend built his own studio, along with a record label to facilitate my passion.


Ennea records and ennea studio is where I call my home when it comes to the music.

My goal is to make people feel emotions while listening to my songs and if it does, well then I've done my job right. You know what it is.


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Neon Bloom formed in early 2017; rehearsing in a backyard garage located in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. Members include vocalist Jen Simpson, Simon Chow on guitarist/synth, Fred Yurichuk on bass/sampler, and Chris Romano on drums/synth. Influences include modern electronica to 70s punk, 80s New Wave, 90s grunge and 50s Doo Wop. The sound has been compared to combinations of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Blondie, and Radiohead.


The band has quickly made an impression on the Toronto music scene with their energetic live performances and focused songwriting. In Oct 2018 they released their debut EP First Fever with Toronto producer Rob Sanzo (Signal to Noise Studios, Bedouin Soundclash, Joe Strummer, more…). 2018 has also seen the band expanding internationally, playing festival stages in Taiwan for the Spring Scream festival as well touring Ontario and Quebec.


Though a new band in this incarnation, Neon Bloom consists of seasoned musicians. Singer Jen Simpson led the all-girl punk rock outfit Machetes, managed by Roger O’Donnell (the Cure, more…) and New York’s The Never Evers. While Fred has toured in New York, Brazil, and Asia with Girl + the Machine.



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Neon Bloom - It's a Crime (official video)

Neon Bloom - It's a Crime (official video)

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Neon Bloom "Full Fathom" (official music video)

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Neon Bloom – Lighten Up (official music video)

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