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A Blackbird’s Show Turns 50..Feat DJ Sudeep K & Guest Jarod Preston

Updated: May 14, 2021

Since the dawning of the pandemic when we all were bound to stay indoors and lose all things performance arts and culture, this platform was designed to help ourselves as artists and help us help you as viewers and listeners.

To the best of our ability over a year now we have brought you great musical mixes, live radio shows, video elements, video series, documentaries, while promoting all things local in our community

All of the people that live on the platform are Blackbirds, one Blackbird that has been in it since the very kick off.

I'm speaking of DJ Sudeep k , not only bringing his weekly mixes but also breaking charts and taking number one spots on the Mixcloud platform not only nationally but globally, time after time, while promoting other artists and their projects.

His Alt Gems program, has featured the best alternative, industrial, goth, new wave with some hip hop and trip hop sprinkled in there, a well rounded man of music and staple in the Toronto DJ circuit, playing to his alternative audience & also exposing the genre to new ears which is the purpose , principle, and message behind music

It Is an honour and a pleasure to have his body of work and promote his programs

This week is all the Alt Gems program is celebrating its 50th show anniversary

Which means for 50 weeks consecutively to the best of his ability he's made his program to inform and entertain you as a labour of love.


This 50th edition is a special one has brought on board a guest

Jarod Preston AKA DJ High Voltage to complete the Mix…….

I caught up with the both of them......

"For me I wanted to make 50 big as we’ve come a long way since we started Alt Gem’s

I felt that the best way to celebrate was to have a guest feature.

As you know I love music especially when played by a DJ. I am a fan of and friends with DJs all around the world.

When I came up with the idea of 50 needing to be special and landed on special for the fans to have one of my favourite DJ take over the spotlight, there was no better choice than High Voltage.

Last year we had so much fun together and I alway love listening to his mixtapes he was the perfect fit"

“How we met socially is not that exciting a story. And how we got together physically, well... Let's just say I'm not proud of following through on a broadcasted tag team DJ set during a pandemic.,but it was received well and was musically engaging.

My mix is about three things. danceable alternative music.

Tracks that are uniquely me, and lastly, it's entirely pandemic-themed !

With regards to isolation, I haven't been exactly. I live with my biggest fan, and I'm an essential worker who is outside downtown every morning.

That being said...

During our first lockdown I practically chuckled to myself as I wrote my Facebook status:

"I'm looking forward to having a captive audience !"

I'm currently gearing up for a series of online live shows, but they'll be some time coming. I like to be poignant and plan out my themes really well. But that involves organizing a lot of unsorted music I've accumulated in the last 5 years or so”





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