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Ahhhhh Sunday Indeed

Good morning and welcome to Sunday.

It's been an eventful weekend with all of the events and protests that took place over the weekend.

We will be bringing you up-to-date information on Monday on how all of our cities events played out.

The Parkdale Organized is assembling a protest demonstration on Tuesday basing the campaign on no covid evictions

(Keep your rent)

This is happening on Tuesday at 2 p.m. on the grounds of Queens Park.

My intentions (Anthony) are to be there, boots on the ground to get you some coverage on what the organization's message is,

and speak to the community of Toronto on where they stand with all of this.

We have a great Sunday programming set up for you.

Jeff Sands featuring No Seriously at 10 a.m.

(If you missed his fantastic coverage on Fridays March it's on or Blog archive check it out)

Shane Hockett AKA rednote selector is bringing you his Highview show which in my opinion is a refreshing return to proper Sunday community radio programming

pact full of open format music ever changing every weekend hosted at 11am

And of course always the weird and the wonderful our own

Carrie schiffler is taking on another challenge this week with

“ Makeup With No Mirrors”

(this weekend she has Betty Davis in her crosshairs)

Check out all of the day's programming on our radio and live Channel

Good juju to you and yours !

Good morning pal !

"click below to get your day on the go"


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