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Anthony interviews Lúila (Irish Toronto Artist) Persons of interest


Is a singer/songwriter from the Emerald Isle , starting off with a strong performing background.

She moved to Toronto in Pursuit of her career as a singer/songwriter.

Lúila has taken stage dancing and fire performing from stages in Ibiza, the rubberbandits, campaign LK etc.

She will take you through a journey of feeling and empowerment, with

some rock and roll flare and a splash of old folk attitude..

In this episode of Persons Of Interest

I have a great one on one

as we get to know the Artist behind the music

A little bit better, and dig deep into the life and times

In the cockles of the mind.

We also get to hear all about her new single just released

and listen to it together ........

“Golden Goddess”

Click the picture below

for the interview

& enter the life of



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