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Anthony Interviews New Indie Toronto Trio "The Gens" On :Persons Of Interest

From theatre to fashion, violins to drums kits, hopes & dreams ,ex lovers and scenes .

Find out the making of a new band. (Anthony)

Nothing more exciting than the city starting to open back up & nothing even better than catching up with the ones playing a part in it.

As the days have been moving into 2022 It would seem as though we are heading in the right direction, seeing live venues getting to open and progress appearing. We are slowly starting to come back to life with signs of arts, culture, and hope in our city rise to the surface after leaving us feeling like it's been buried 12' deep in permafrost for the past 2 years, going through isolations and lock Downs.

All the temporary measures that were in place had different effects on everybody

& everyone was vulnerable.

There were also some people that you could say in one way, embraced the break ?

They decided to look at it as an opportunity from being bound to the usual hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5,

to utilize that time ,and get creative.

My guests on this episode of Persons Of Interest are a prime example of this.

When 2 lifelong gal pals

Living in small-town Ontario decided to pack their bags full of hopes and dreams of moving to the big city with Tina studying Fashion Design and Maddy enriched in Musical Theatre studies. safe to say there was probably enough content in there to base some kind of a t.v series on, or a Comedy at least.

We now arrive at the year 2022

and this " in the beginning duo" have since crossed the inevitable path,like all table serving artists, and had met "The Gens" soon to be new member of the band Ethan, who is locking in the rhythm section, bringing drums to the ensemble.

These Three Amigos are starting to hit the rooms, one at a time,

I host a feature showcase where

I bring you great one-on-one interviews, as we get to know

the artist behind the music

a little bit better, digging deep into the life and times

and in the cockles of the mind.

In this episode,

I have a great local Toronto and up-and-coming indie trio.

Touching on the makings of a band, the process of creating, and the sound that becomes of it.......

Join me, with your Persons Of Interest,

this episode shining the light on

The Gens

Clink The image below
& Join Us

They have some new material in the works and are starting

to play out & about Hogtown

Follow them for up and comming shows & new material,

& see you at the show

Hit up there links:

If you would like to get in contact with the Gens

for bookings ,inquiries, and all things Gens

Tell them Donnelly sent yah.



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