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Anthony's Ecstasy & Spacedust V5 Promo Feat / DJ Sean L (Exodus) Sun.24.04 Available 5 PM

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

This coming Sunday's show

is the Follow-up to the

(Ecstasy & Spacedust Volume 4)

If you missed the last volume of Ecstasy & Spacedust featuring Castelvi V4

Listen to it below by clicking the album art

It's currently doing great in the Mixcloud Global Charts with 3 positions

85th in the New Disco Genre

35th in the Indie Dance Genre

10th In the Funk

I will be touching on

-Your Shitty Government holding your money

-Taking LSD daily for the next 3 months

I have a ton of new music, changing my vibe completely, with the best in new indie, space funk, and intergalactic disco/ house. Also hosting my 5th guest feature on my new show bit titled .......

One DJ One Number

Volume 5 featuring Liverpool DJ Sean L

Sean was living in Toronto at the time when the largest

dance culture scene, " the rave scene"

was created that had Sean L not only one of the founding members

of the event promoters Exodus Productions alongside

myself, John Angus & Mark Oliver,

lighting the pilot for a new dance culture & a generation

of ravers to follow, but also a resident DJ on the Exodus

line ups at the legendary 23 Hop,

and a ton of other bills across the city of Toronto Were going to get to know him a little bit better

with the ultimate question, What's the Number?

Check out the Show Promo below

We will see you on

Saturday @ 8PM


Click the listen live button

on our page after 5PM

May Good Juju Find You Anthony



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