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Anthony speaks openly about his drug of choice & lots of us are hooked -Feat: DJ Allan Best

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We are all galloping through the wonderful journey on the golden path of life on this pimple on the asshole of the universe we call home, Earth,

Our little ball of confusion whirls around our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second, or 490,000 miles per hour with all of us beutiful Darwinian bastards, bound by gravity.

This palace may have been a much simpler place,

or possibly even some sort of Utopia way back at some point,

fuck some beleve there was even a garden of Eden, but if you have been kicking around this joint anytime within the past few thousand years, you will know we are a far cry from the garden of Eden.

Living in Conformity, sometimes has us feelingl that we need to match attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to what others perceive is normal to their society or social group.

Constantly bombarded with advertising, agenda driven media propaganda, keeping up with the Joneses,

putting extreme levels of pressure on ourselves to achieve bull shitt standard levels,

and unconsciously self inducing unachievable expectations to live up to, surely gets to many of us, if not all of us, weather you want to admit it or not.

Now , it’s never a matter of ”if” it happens, but more so, a matter of “when” those little hurdles of fuckary raise their ugly head leaving some of us turning to different coping mechanisms to help relieve the fuckery of one's journey.

Some find it through exercise, meditation, yoga, Psychiatrists, changing thought patterns, or try our best to look at things differently and maintain a positive outlook,

But there are also the other coping mechanisms we turn to at times…..

Drugs, Alcohol, and the third one

that lots are hooked on, we will get to...

Now I have been actively practicing & also an advocate for years on the use of safe recreational narcotic experiences openly,

For most people, using drugs is just another way of altering consciousness that is not so different from many other recreational activities.

Taking them recreationally can produce intense feelings of pleasure, and

human beings have a long history of using substances to alter their consciousness.

Ancient tribes made their own mind-altering substances, some of which are still used today.

However, for the relatively small number of people who develop more compulsive

drug-using patterns, drug use is not just about having fun.

It usually serves a deeper purpose, like helping enhance identity, acceptance,

and reducing psychological distress or a sense of alienation.

It's when they bleed into this , and coping mechanisms where you develop a dependency and an addiction , that's when they are no longer recreational,

and no longer serve your juju well.

I think there has been 3 different Anthony’s so far. All 3 changes moving forward from the previous Anthony that had run his course, with a need to change the backdrop and form a new identity and way of life / vibe.

For the most part in the grand journey down the golden path, personally speaking, mine has been filled with highs, lows & God who knows

(Some of it is just between me and sky daddy)

My recreational use has served as great and fun experiences

Some have been beneficial to my mental health, like self medicating with a psilocybin mushroom microdose cycle which is great for working on ego, increases creativity, calms anxiety, reduces depression, and improves my focus and mood while bringing a much more positive mental health state.

But there was once or twice where when galloping through the wonderful journey on the golden path of life, like a lot of people, those little hurdles

of fuckary had raised their ugly head

and had me turning recreational use into a different coping mechanisms and habitual crutches, to numb whatever the hurdle was, and grateful those hurdles of fuckery have been jumped over .

There is one other though that feels like it has been in the backdrop the entire time of my journey, that I couldn't go without & opely admit im hooked....….

and that drug

is music.

I grew up in a household where it was in constant rotation, started ordering and purchasing my own around 12 , became a predominant Dj in the Toronto , club, concert and rave circuit , that led into a career radio broadcasting on air for a ten year stretch , on the road covering 4 provinces, 4 different genres and formats, across Northern Canada , all because of the only drug that I have no desire to ever kick, is that beutiful whore that got under my skin and sunk her claws in


Now you may think it would be absurd looking at musc in the same light as an addictive drug ?

on the contrary.

What Your Favorite Songs & Drugs Have In Common ?

Do you feel a sense of happiness and pleasure when listening to your favorite genre of music? Have you ever gotten chills during your favorite song? Would you prefer to listen to music over doing…pretty much anything else?

You might say you have a “music addiction,” and you could actually be right. Many recent studies show that there are, in fact, a few connections between the functions that occur when we listen to music and when we take drugs.

Scientific research has come to support something we all probably had suspicions about – the right song can literally be like a drug to you-

In a new study executed at Montreal’s McGill University shows that your favourite song uses the same “reward pathways” as food, drug and sexual pleasure.

“Music can reliably induce feelings of pleasure, and indeed, people consistently rank music as among the top ten things in their lives that bring pleasure, above money, food and art,” Levitin wrote in the published journal Scientific Reports.

The Human Response to Music

Now for myself , and if you are reading this , chances are probably you most likely know, music can release emotions in us that other forms of entertainment may not be able to. We can connect and relate to music in a way that feels unique, and there may be a few reasons for that.

We don’t just feel it emotionally, we feel it physically, too. From chills on the arm to hairs standing up on the back of the neck, a variety of physical responses can be triggered when you’re listening to a song.

and of course, singing music has its own effects.

For some people, singing unleashes something in them that they can’t explain. This is all because of the magic of music, and maybe a dash of something extra.

What Are the Similarities Between Drugs & Music?

Here are just a few things that taking drugs and listening to/producing music might have in common:


1. Music and drugs both create pleasure by acting on the brain’s opioid system.

2..Singing can release endorphins, which many drugs do as well

3. Many drugs, like prescriptions, can dull pain. Music has also been shown to provide a sense of relief in stressful or painful situations like surgeries.

4. But the main similarity between drugs and music lies in one ingredient: dopamine.

Discovering Dopamine: How It Affects You

Dopamine is released in the moment when people feel pleasure. It can happen when people:

  • Eat

  • Have sex

  • Gamble

  • Do drugs

  • Listen to music

When the brain’s opioid system is activated, dopamine is released. This identical action occurs both when people listen to music and use drugs, making them more similar that we may think.

The Science Behind Drugs & Music

People don’t just say that they feel certain things when listening to music; scientists have actually studied it. People who get chills during their favorite songs have been examined for thor temperature, breathing, and blood rate as well to determine rises that would be parallel with drug use.

Antoher specific study, conducted at McGill University, had a group of participants listen to music they liked. On one day of the experiment, they took an opiate-blocking medication first (naltrexone). After taking it, they no longer enjoyed the same songs as much.

Is Music A Drug?

Long story short: while we wouldn’t normally call music a drug, we could realistically maintain a healthy addiction to it. Music is at such a high value all over the world, and maybe the dopamine connection has something to do with it bringing us all together.

I can speak only for myself personally and openly admit that

My name is Anthony Donnelly

and i'm Musahcoholic

If you or anyone you know is going through the same addiction, we got you !

always bringing the best in

funk , Disco,Soul, and straight up Boogie

all vinyl

DJ Allan Best

“You may know him from our Radio programming last year

on his Sunday Serenade program "

just dropped his January 2022 mix

it is a belter, and it’s here.

click the picture below

to check it out





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