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Blackbird Andrea / Liverpool Rave Makes History (Anthony)

Updated: May 3, 2021

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If you know liverpudlians, or ever had the pleasure of being to the seaside town, one thing you will certainly know….

Music and club culture has been at the forefront of the urban environment since the dawning of The Beatles and the Mersey sound.

I had the pleasure myself attending a Beatles convention in 1994 in the wonderful city.

It was alive and thriving with Beatle fans from all across the globe, but that was just one part of it…..

There was another part of it, The Club / Rave scene which was 2nd to none

just like its neighbouring town Manchester.

There's always a certain unique undertone in the heart of liverpudlians and that's enjoying themselves,and never seem to pass up the opportunity to rise to the occasion with putting events on in music culture,

from the fab four, to the dance floor.

Here we are 2021 smack dab in our planet's biggest epidemic since the last plague, and The liverpudlians are 1st to dance their asses off.

Every single industry in every country has felt the crippling effect of the pandemic, but one big one has certainly been the music, arts and cultural industry.

From local musical D j's, bands to world class acts having to take their show online and do their best to keep the spirit of music alive with virtual sets, and now the Government of ontario banning Virtual Concerts,

it seemed like we've been running out of resources to get the vibe alive....

Well thousands of Liverpool ravers put a stop to that this weekend.

The merseyside ravers stuck their neck out in a pilot experiment working hand in hand with the government.

(who would have ever thought not only are the government working together with warehouse rave events, but when the temperature in the arena is like this )

The party drew over 3000 to flock a warehouse at Bramley Moore Dock

With sets from Yousef, Lewis Boardman and The Blessed Madonna, ahead of the second of the trial raves on Saturday, headlined by Fatboy Slim.

Were masks and social distancing ?

On the contrary, these liverpudlians were getting down like it was a warehouse party in the summer of love , and this writer is green with envy.

The liverpudlians are pioneering the way and doing their part once again in hopes to see more of this play out in different cities all over the United Kingdom,

and with a bit of luck, the all mighty gods of the disco ball will blow its fumk all the way over to these shores of Canada

just like every other musical scene.

This is bigger than just progress in a music scene,

this gives us hope in so many different aspects in avenues

of different cultures and sectors

along the likes of sporting events, worship, and good old fashioned concert goers.

All of the liverpudlians that put their ass on the line had to produce a negative C19 test, and will be tested again in the days to come

with the hopes of progress to see us assemble once again and rejoice sharing the power of music, and social interaction in a unified environment.

The board will consider the evidence, including test results, from the pilot events and make recommendations to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Secretaries of State for DCMS, BEIS and DHSC on how restrictions could be safely lifted.







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