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Canada Revenue Agency Might Ask for Your $14,000 CERB Back

The CRA is getting ready to take back what’s and not rightfully yours. At the beginning of the CERB benefit, several people got dual payments: One from the CRA and the other from Service Canada. Right now, these are the only people the CRA has issued letters to, and they are just demanding the extra payment back. But that’s not where it might stop.

The next step might be people who claimed the CERB benefits when they didn’t deserve it. Fraudulent CERB recipients might be expected to pay everything back, and if they got the benefit for every month, it could add up to a hefty $14,000 bill.

Canadians who received two identical payments of $2,000 likely applied twice for the CERB and received more than entitled to,.

The Canada Revenue Agency and Service Canada, which are jointly administering the benefit, will be in touch with applicants in this situation, Qualtrough said.

“You don’t have to call us, we’re going to call you,” the minister said.

Social media posts suggest some Canadians who had already applied for traditional Employment Insurance (EI) also applied to CERB, triggering the double payment.


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