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This is like something straight out of Footloose.

Apparently under the provincial government's new regulations, the latest states that there shall be no dancing or singing permitted in the outdoor patios, bars and restaurants during stage 2.

How the heck did they come up with this one?

Well apparently if we're singing, shoting, or breathing heavily , we're likely to expel more saliva and nasal secretions, and if someone is infected then those secretions will shed more virus.

I swear I don't think you can make up today's headlines if you tried.

What I don't understand , if saliva and nasal secretions are a concern to the point where we can't sing, why are public swimming pools in bathing areas about to open up ?

Is that not an environment where saliva and nasal secretions flow ?

I suppose we will have to keep our singing and dancing to the park areas for the time being ?

Oh well on the upside , for anyone that's struggling to get back to work , it looks like the CERB maybe getting an extension.




I was Introduced to and immediately fell in love with hip hop in the early 90s through skate videos. When I saw my first live hip hop show the DJ had a huge influence on me. I had to give it a try.

I found a direct drive turntable at a garage sale and a friend lent me a few 12"

to mess around with. I ended up having to replace his 3 records as I scuffed them up fromconstant use. I immediately became addicted to buying vinyl at Toronto's Play De Record and other record shops. Eventually, I started playing gigs in bars in the early days of the hiphop scene.

Digging for records that had been sampled by my favourite artists, led me to afro

soul, funk, rock, latin and reggae music to include in my sets.Years later I broadened my musical tastes to include drum and bass, jungle and trip-hop. In the early 2000's I got my first Serato digital DJ setup and my love of computers and deep digital crates merged with my love of vinyl and turntablism.

I was able to take on more professional DJ work in the

corporate and wedding space and made a decent side hustle DJing. In the late 2000's I held a residency at Margret on Dundas for a few years and migrated to playing a monthly reggae party dubbed Massive Gritty.

As things slowed down in the mid-2010s professionally my DJing returned to skateboarding as I got the nod to DJ some skateboard contests around

Toronto; notably the Hoedown at the Hoof every summer for Vans Canada and recently the Canadian Open Olympic Qualifiers. Adding punk and metal to my sets for skateboarding has been a fun challenge.

The Pandemic of 2020 has led me to live streaming Dj sets from home and it has been so fun and inspiring to see so many DJs doing the same.

I plan to continue

and am looking forward to sharing the music I love with a new audience.

Click the link below for your Vibe of the day

May good Juju find you


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