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My story is unique to myself, but my situation is by no means unique.

In 2010 I graduated with honors from Seneca at York university for Radio Broadcasting

It was a wonderful experience so far, that had me traveling across Northern Canada for 8 years, four different provinces, on an amazing Journey, let's face it not too many people can say they were the morning show host in Yellowknife in the Northwest territories, afternoon drive host in Peace River Alberta, afternoon drive host in Whitecourt Edmonton, and host in Muskoka.

At the end of my last position I was having the overwhelming feeling of homesickness, and decided to reel it in and come back to the city that I love so much for a break, Toronto.

I was torn between getting back on the road and reconnecting with my radio career or sticking around the city for a little bit longer, which I have enjoyed immensely.

Last year I took a leap of faith when I was in two minds whether to go back to the radio broadcasting industry or try something new, the film industry.

Halfway through 2019 and I decided to get into the film industry, it was rewarding mentally, and financially.

I was extremely enjoying the position, I was learning again, I was vibrant again, and I was surrounded with professionals working as a team on amazing projects.

Filming wrapped up in November 2019 with the productions that I was working on.

Film was supposed to start back up around the end of March.

So I made a conscious decision at the beginning of 2020.

I was going to start back up film, give it an entire full year with everything I have in me, and see how I felt at the end of the year, was I going to stay in film or go back to radio.

With that being said, film is just around the corner and ready to kick off so I decided to get a new apartment unit, an upgrade from the dark basement I was living in.

I had figured the film was going to be starting up. I'm going to be financially stable. I might as well change my backdrop and have a healthy State of mind with a nice new apartment unit.

Bearing in mind the film industry was to start at the end of March early April, I took a shot. I got a brand new lovely above ground apartment, a little tad above my comfort zone rent wise, but there wasn't too much worry because my work was starting up, and it was all go for Anthony.

My move into the unit was a mid-month move I moved in on March the 15th,2020

Like the rest of the planet, lo and behold, complete shutdown the week after I moved into my apartment.

This was a very frustrating and worrying time for me because well here I am in a brand new apartment geared towards film industry income, with no fucking income.

There was an awful lot of worry, an awful lot of second doubting and quite frankly I felt like shit.

Out of nowhere the Canadian government came up with the CERB financial relief.

This benefit was an absolute godsend, not only for myself but so many other people in my situation across the country, single mothers, brand new families, everything across the board.

I also felt absolutely no shame whatsoever in receiving this benefit for the simple fact that I have worked full-time in career environments most of my adult life and never really used my EI benefits, so is it a handout ?

Certainly not, my conscience tells me I paid into it.

Coming through August, here we were again, completely terrified when this


What's to become of us on this benefit?

Is my apartment back on the line?

Am I going to have to get three minimum wage jobs to carry my apartment because all industry is a bust ?

And then the good news came.

It's slightly lower than CERB but still just as grateful.

This will give myself and everybody else in my position the stress and worry free opportunity to go on and build the steps to find an industry in the meantime, and whatever work they can get to go along with this benefit to keep the roof over their head.

And this is what it looks like…….. (according to yahoo finance)

Some four million Canadian workers will no longer worry about falling from the earnings cliff. The federal government will unveil a new $37-billion income-support measure to replace the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

According to Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough, the new scheme acknowledges the uncertainty beyond 2021. Three temporary measures will go along with the transition to the retooled Employment Insurance (EI) system.

EI transition

The simplified EI will now be available to more Canadians, including those previously ineligible due to insufficient qualifying hours. Anyone eligible for EI who lost their jobs will get $400 per week for a minimum of 26 weeks.

To qualify, you must have worked 120 hours in the prior 52 weeks (or since the last claim). Recipients can work and claim EI, although EI regular benefits reduce by 50 cents for each dollar of earnings, up to 90% of prior earnings.


Self-employed individuals, contracts, and gig economy workers who are ineligible for EI can apply for the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB). The taxable benefit amount is also $400 per week for up to 26 weeks. CRB and the other two new programs will be available for one year, starting September 27, 2020.


Suppose you’re an employee or self-employed individual with no paid sick leave. In that case, the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) will provide a $500 per week taxable benefit for up to two weeks. You must attest that you can’t work either due to illness and must self-isolate due to COVID-19.


The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) is for those who will miss work to care for a family member due to COVID-19. The taxable benefit is $500 per week for up to 26 weeks. While CRCB is sharable among household members, only one household member can apply in any one week. You can’t get the CRCB if there’s a facility available, but you keep a dependent home.


We sincerely hope this information brings light to your current situation ,if needed.

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May good Juju find you



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