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Coming Full Circle: The Return Of Scottish Songwriter Ewan MacFarlane (By Anthony Donnelly)

One of the biggest life choices a family can make is deciding to change the path of their journey, leaving their entire family and friends from their country of birth , and setting the sails to the unknown and with all your faith immigrating to another country.

That was the case for lots of families from the UK that had arrived in either to Scarborough or Bramalea via pearson Airport (Toronto Canada)

and certainly was the case with Ewan MacFarlane & myself (Anthony) among a large number of our Country families in our Bramalea community that arrived from Glasgow Scotland.

Like any new arrivals from another country that were in large numbers, you create your own community , and it was the Bramalea community where we set up.

As a right of passage you instantly have friends from where you came from , and lots of new aunties and uncles , lots of them lol

That's when myself and Ewan MacFarlane and the rest of our sons of tribe instantly connected.

(Ewan MacFarlane, Desmond Donnelly Bramalea, Ont Circa Eighties)

There was always a light in Ewan from when I first met . Our parents were living in the same social community with us at the coat tails .

Ewans father , Eric MacFarlane had set up his own Scottish bakery in Bramalea, which is where he gave all of us young team part time jobs bonding by the meat pie.

Ewans Father was not only the town baker though , he was a very talented singer songwriter / entertainer in our community.

That's when I started to see Ewan develop a passion & love to play the Guitar as a singer songwriter , under the mentorship of the town Baker himself.

Ewans talents on the acoustic guitar , singing , and starting to crash every party sesion, and getting the numbers out wasn't going away , and with the likes of myself and our surrounding friends , this was very well apparent.

It really was beautiful to see a friend start a committed relationship with an instrument, and a drive to entertain .

It was at a late teenager's point in Ewans life when he returned back to his motherland Bonnie Scotland, it was sad to see him go , but I knew we would be keeping in touch ,he was on to greener pastures , and that is when the pilot was lit !

I hadn't heard from him in a short while as he was toiling away at his craft and starting to get a name for himself in the United kingdom.

I can remember I was back in Glasgow staying for six months over a decade ago, and this old pal was proud as a peacock.

It was such a great feeling of brotherly pride that not only did we cross paths again , but at this specific moment, himself and his band

The Grim Northern Social were top of the charts .

I was lucky enough to catch two dates with them at the height of that chapter's career among several in Glasgow.

On the first night I went to see his show , I went down for the sound check early in the afternoon. it was like we never missed a beat , and with all the stardom surrounding him at that moment , he hadn't changed a bit either .

To top it off that week in the Glasgow National newspaper , he was in the Top Ten Scottish Songwriters of all time list I believe.

To see him owning the rooms and belting out their hits in a sensational atmosphere had me in sheer awe at the tallent and accomplishment , my pal was pumping out on those two evenings……

It is with even greater pride to see , he has come full circle

“His journey as a songwriter meanders from his upbringing and base in Glasgow, Scotland, to sharing international stages with Elvis Costello, Simple Minds, The Prodigy, Muse, Thin Lizzy, and The Chemical Brothers to name but a few. Formerly,

as long-time member of electro maestros Apollo 440

(Ewan Macfarlane from Apollo 440, Spirit of Burgas 2010)

Ewan captivated audiences around the world whilst his unapologetic enthusiasm, unbridled energy, and charisma as frontman of

Glasgow’s The Grim Northern Social

(Urban Pressure - The Grim Northern Social)

saw him snarl and strut his way to garnering the attention of Glastonbury festival’s Michael Eavis, who hand-picked the band for the legendary John Peel stage after tipping them to be, at the time, the best up and coming band in the U.K.

(BBC - Somerset - Glastonbury Festival - Glasto 2007 Emerging Talent Competition)

Now broadening his horizons as a solo performer and melodic troubadour in his own right, Ewan’s debut album Always Everlong

sees him en route to an uncharted destination”

Here is a few words with Ewan on the new Single

Check out his new single release "Stirrin in The City "here…..

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