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Do we owe it all to the US? Anthony's brief history of popular music / Feat Brent Chittenden

You're a music lover, especially good Genres, could we owe it all to our friends, south of the border?

Hey, it's Anthony here with what may be a shocker. If you are like me, you are a big lover of music, especially the good genres, especially the underground ones, right? What if I told you that your favorite genre, probably originated in The US, or that they all possibly did?

I have put together a very condensed brief history of popular music on video consisting of the genres that were made in the USA for you to check out, and see if your favorite is in there.

The video leads to more

What prompted me to compile this video in the first place stemmed from our blackbird

Dj Brent Chittenden's Darkside episode he has dedicated to recently deceased

frontman from The Screaming Trees, Seattle icon Mark Lanagen,

touching on the music, life & times along with some great hosting.

My History of popular music genres from the US. gets you to that part, then you tune in to hear where he takes the reigns, just click the Radio button

Cool things ahead

Thanks for swinging by when you do, great news, shortly when you swing by, there will be a newer web page coming up that is under construction featuring more ways to inform and entertain you.

If you would like to know the ongoings around here t's easy,




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