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Ecstasy & Spacedust Volume 4 With Anthony - Feat Castelvi Has Arrived

Hey it's Anthony here with a brand new segment of Ecstasy & Spacedust V 4

1DJ1# is a new segment in my shows where I bring on The best DJ's in the City & Abroad , all people of different musical genres , that are all in the game , and ask them

that question............

What's that Number 1 Number of all time for them ,

part of my Ecstasy and Spacedust Music series, playing some of the best

Space Funk, Disco, Grooves , Indie Dance and all things boogie for the psychonaut

Full of the usual Jive Talkin Banter touching on

-Lowest paid jobs

-The most panful things a human can experience

Welcome to Volume 4 Feat Castelvi, Just click The Cover Below

Here are The first 3 volumes so far featured along with the usual Jive Talkin you get

from Anthony

Ecstasy & Spacedust Hosted By Anthony

Volumes so far :Just Click The Pic To Listen

Ecstasy and Spacedust V1 Special Guest Shane Hockett

Ecstasy and Spacedust V2 Special Guest Gene King

Ecstasy and Spacedust V3 Special Guest Allan Best


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