Finny McConnell & Al Nolan feature / The Queen Is Dead Documentary

Updated: Jun 18

(Above ; Al Nolan - Anthony Donnelly - Finny McConnell)

In come the Irish Punks.....

Finny McConnell & Al Nolan to feature in The Queen Is Dead Documentary

If you managed to catch our 1st episode of taking it to the streets titled Killing Kensington”, we hope you enjoyed the production,

We are currently in the works of production with our 2nd episode titled

“The Queen Is Dead”

Our aim is to document the history of the Queen street West neighbourhood with the downfall and closures of businesses

through speaking with owners, artists, local residents, and organisations & let the people tell the story of how…..

The Queen is dead.

Finny McConnell:

Singer Songwriter of The Mahones

World renowned Irish Canadian Punk Outfit

The Mahones were formed in 1990 by Dublin-born Finny McConnell, The Mahones have released Twenty One albums

The Mahones’ music has appeared in several major films. They co-wrote and recorded the title track for the 1996 film Celtic Pride. Their song "100 Bucks" was featured in the 1998 film Dog Park. Their song "Paint The Town Red 2010" was featured in the climactic final fight scene of the 2010 film The Fighter. Their song "A Little Bit of Love" is in the 2011 film Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy.

The Mahones were nominated Best Punk Band at the Sirius XM Indie Awards., In 2012, The Mahones' album The Black Irish won the Independent Music Award for Best Punk Album, and Angels & Devils won Paddy Rock Radio's album of the year, as well as Vandala Concepts' album of the year.

Al Nolan:

Singer Songwriter for The Almighty Trigger Happy

Owner of Cursed Blessings Records

The Bovine Sex Club & The Horseshoe Tavern team member

You can’t talk about Canadian punk rock without mentioning Almighty Trigger Happy. Originating from Toronto, Ontario and formed in 1991, the band made a huge mark in the 90’s punk rock scene, not only in Canada but across the globe. With 6 releases under their belts, they are best known for their albums “I’ll Shut Up When You Fuck Off” (1997 – Bad Taste Records) and “I Hate Us” (1999 – Bad Taste Records).

Although the inter-web states the band ended in 1999, with a reunion in 2004, the band are still very much alive-and-well and ripping stages across Ontario. Almighty Trigger Happy has not yet finished writing the history books of Canadian punk!

Lead singer of the Toronto Hard core Punk Band Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy have released 5 full length albums, 1 re-released full length, 2 split records and were featured on several compilations.

Cursed Blessings Records

Featuring the best of Indie punk, hardcore and metal bands & other Genre's from Canada and the USA!

We are proud to announce that

Finny McConnell & Al Nolan

Will be making a feature appearance on the documentary.

We look forward to showing you what the wonderful world of

The Queen Street West Neighbourhood looks like through both of their eyes, along with a great lineup of guests that all play a pivotal role in the Queen Street West Music community.

The soundtrack will also feature the best in up and coming local and abroad independent artists.

For anyone that has not yet catched our 1st episode

“ Killing Kensington”

Simply click the picture below & view it for yourself at your own leisure to check out the credits & the soundtrack that has been compiled by independent artists.

All Coming Soon


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