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Are you an event promoter?

Are you just opening your business back up?

Maybe you know someone it is.

Now that we have entered stage 3

With all respect to safety and gatherings being honoured, we are seeing different promoters, restaurants and event organizers starting to slowly post and promote gatherings.

This week we are going to be introducing any events / what's happening page.

The page is being constructed to share different events, concerts, underground parties, shows, and small independent businesses in our community.

Here at Black Donnelly Radio we encourage the growth and promotions of different events for private venues, established venues, and local business industries in the entertainment capacity.

What we also do here is understand that right now with everybody getting back up on their feet, funds for advertisement are out of the question.

With that being said at this specific time right now while everybody's getting on their feet and trying to promote, we are more than willing to add you or anyone you know that is throwing events or promoting events or getting their doors back open at this specific time at zero cost .

We believe in live music, we believe in the power of DJ Sets, we believe in culture, we believe in arts, we believe in supporting small independent businesses,


Together following the safety for everyone else's health and required guidelines,

We believe and getting things back to somewhat normal at the risk of causing any threat and following all the required health and guidelines in the events promoted.

If you or anyone you know what's advertisement on our what's happening events board

Simply reach out to us with an email blackdonnelymedia@gmail.com

with the subject headline


We would be more than happy to promote what you're doing.

From all of us at

Black Donnelly Radio

We hope your events are safe and a success

We look forward to hopefully working with you now and in the future

Lets Make Some


Good Juju you



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