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Guess Who Got Knocked The Fuck Out On St Patrick's Day & Hung Cures On International Hangover Day

A guide on how to not get knocked the fuck out, along with the best remedies for the morning after a night out celebrating St Patricks' Day

This past week was an especially difficult one. Kicking of on Monday with job locations that required working long shifts, but it offered the potential of some extra income for myself and company. Even with the dismal weather, the light at the end of the tunnel kept me going: seeing my mother and celebrating St. Patrick's Day together over the weekend. By Thursday, however, my anticipation was overshadowed by a nagging pain that had been coming and going in my mouth for months.

Come Saint Patrick's day, I'm never sure what to expect from my mouth. It causes me trouble more often than not; a long-lasting discomfort that pops up and disappears unpredictably—toothache.

At last, the long-awaited Friday had arrived - International Let's Get Fucking Wasted Day. My tribe are of 5 generations Glaswegian Scottish, but my Donnelly & Dunnigan ancestors are of direct Irish origin.

The name Donnelly comes from the Gaelic name O’Donnghaile. The ‘O’ prefix means ‘grandson of’ or ‘descendent of’. Donnghaile, so the O’Donnghailes were descendants of a brown haired valiant chief. (Black Irish Catholics) It is thought the original Donnelly chief was Donnghal O’Neill.

My mother's maiden name Dunnigan was first found in County Cork (Irish: Corcaigh) the ancient Kingdom of Deis Muin (Desmond), located on the southwest coast of Ireland in the province of Munster,, later moving to Limerick, Kildare and Dublin.

I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my mother so that we could go out and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in all its debauchery, already had the a green outfit pressed and ironed,

I awoke early on the Friday morning I could feel the spirits of a thousand Donnelly & Dunnigan ancestors mouths as dry as Mahatma Gandhi's flip flops and in need of a hearty swig of thy favorite grog, however, when I started to feel a persistent ache

in my mouth and having taken 10 Tylenols by noon , I thought best I should probably seek some help. The spirit of the festivities kept me going for longer than expected, but the pain was unbearable. So bowing down to defeat I felt better to maybe give somebody a call.

My first call was to my boss who instantly gave me the green light, then I had tried to call my usual dentist with no luck. But thankfully, I found an emergency dentist hotline who could squeeze me in. So I was soon sitting in the chair for dental

surgery. "Wha In Da Name Ah Fook Is Dis Ballix Shite" I said to myself.

Having been living on the oral edge for a long time, I had some experience with this kind of thing:.You go in crying like a 10 year-old, and they give you a shot that numbs your jaw. This time was a little different, though; my rotten tooth involved a nerve and an abscess.

Usually one syringe of lidocaine (which is like cocaine for the mouth) but of the opposite ,this gear stops your jaw from moving , but because of the complexity of this operation - and the fact that it was St Patrick's Day - he gave me four shots.

Needless to say, there was plenty of numbness, it surely was indeed sexy time.

The whole while this was unfolding I was trying to text my mother about the situation but for some reason my mobile text wasn't working. After I had left the dentist chair and spent two hours in their lobby because I was unable to move due to a face paralysis, my mother already had her hair done and was almost ready for making tracks down town by the time I reached her.

When I eventually got my senses back, I set off towards the drug store to get remedy medicine and all other things required,. Everywhere were people wearing green shirts, ready for the celebration in top spirits, while I walked around looking like I had just gotten into a Japanese kickboxing match, with a sawn in half tooth in my pocket.

Waking up the morning after St. Patrick’s Day with no hangover for the first time ever is a bittersweet experience. On one hand, you have the satisfaction of not having to suffer through a hangover like everyone else who celebrated the night before. On the other hand, it's disheartening to have missed out on all the fun and festivities of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

After a night of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, it’s common to wake up feeling like

Abag O'Shite or Mcfucking O'Shattered" the next day. You might have tried everything to make yourself feel better, but nothing seems to work.

Personally speaking over the years of "festive Celebrating" or just the morning after a session "on it", having executed all failed remedies, my tried and tested true cure is

"Ye Ol Hair Of The Dog That Bit Yee" witch translates as (at the risk of sounding like an alcoholic ) Crack open a can of what ever-you were drinking , and fire it in your system to level you out.

Not for you ? Fortunately, there are some remedies that you can use to help cure your hangover and make you feel better the day after St. Patrick's Day for those who want to get rid of their hangovers quickly and effectively, but are above

the self belittlement of "Ye Ol Hair Of The Dog That Bit Yee" ?

I took the liberty of searching some for your hung over arse ,

Yah Doirty Filty Lot Oh Tatie Hookers Ye!

(Tatie Hooker Meaning)_ Life in the West of Ireland, especially in Mayo and Donegal in the beginning of the last century, was very difficult and demanding. This was especially true where there were large families.
Tatie picking in Scotland was one of the outlets which gave them a break, and gave the younger people the employment they needed to survive. In those years there was no free education and when one left primary school one had to earn a living as there was no Social Welfare to tide them over their early teenage years. It was then that most of the teenagers had to take the ship to Scotland to survive.

There were potato merchants who hired a steam ship to pick up the squads, as they were known and this ship sailed up along the Mayo coast and then to Donegal and picked up all the people and brought them to Glasgow. The 'Gaffers' or the men in charge of the squads got all the people on board free of charge and from Glasgow they spread out to the farms in Ayrshire to take charge of the early crops. When they had finished on one farm, they moved on to the next. In the early twenties when the trains came into use they travelled by bus and train to Dublin and took the ship to Glasgow.

The living quarters were large cow sheds, which were cleaned out by the farmers, and there were two sections. One was the men, and one was for the females. The young people loved this life and they had 'bothy dances' at the weekends. There they gathered and enjoyed life. They generally went shopping for clothing at cheap sales and they also got clothing for the people back home. The weekly wage was sent home to the family and this helped to tide them over the winter. They came home in November and started off again the following June.

The Best Irish Hang Over Cures For The Morning After

It may seem strange that a saint’s feast day has turned into an international day of drinking, but St Patrick’s Day is known across the globe as a day for revelry and raucous behaviour. If you’re in need of recovery the morning after, these are Ireland’s favourite hangover cures to get you through 18 March.

A full Irish breakfast

There’s no doubt the number one Irish hangover cure is a full Irish cooked breakfast; this hearty plate normally consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, beans and a fried tomato, with toast on the side.

According to a 2012 survey conducted by Ireland’s national directory enquiry service, 11850, 63% of Irish people see the Irish breakfast as the ultimate remedy for a night of hard drinking.

(The survey was conducted in honour of what they referred to as Ireland’s National Hangover Day – 18 March.)

Breakfast roll

For those unfortunate souls who have to work the day after Paddy’s Day, or can’t stomach a full Irish breakfast just yet, a breakfast roll can save the day. Available from deli counters at petrol stations across the country, the breakfast roll features items from a full Irish breakfast stuffed inside a bread roll. The breakfast roll is such a common hangover cure in Ireland that it was even the focus of a song released by comedian Pat Shortt in 2006.


Jambons are one of Ireland’s best beloved hangover foods; found in supermarkets, delis, petrol stations and some cafés, this savoury pastry has everything you could need to ward off an impending headache. Flaky pastry encloses a cheese and ham filling; calorific, carb-filled and laden with salt, it’s the perfect cure for the morning-after shakes.


The British energy drink Lucozade is sometimes drunk to counter colds and the flu, but it’s also a favourite of those suffering the self-inflicted illness of a hangover. Thanks to its high sugar content, Lucozade provides a quick vitality boost when crawling back into bed isn’t an option. In 2016, one Dublin pub even created a Lucozade daiquiri, calling it ‘the ultimate hangover cure’.


A Chinese takeaway is another trusted Irish hangover cure, called upon after the worst of nausea has subsided and when eating a full meal seems doable. The carb-rich 3-in-1, consisting of rice, chips and curry sauce, is seen as being particularly medicinal. It’s not a combination you’ll commonly find out outside of Ireland, but it’s worth seeking out if you’re suffering after St Patrick’s Day.

Spice bag

Don’t be fooled by the name: the spice bag advertised outside Chinese takeaways in Dublin isn’t a do-it-at-home cooking kit. Named Ireland’s favourite takeaway dish in 2015, a spice bag is generally made up of chicken, chips, red and green peppers, onions and chilli peppers. It’s hard to overstate how loved spice bags are in Ireland; it’s a staple of any night out, whether it’s consumed at the end of the evening or the day after.

So now that the festivities are over ,

you have had your share of green pints, sporting a black eye, possibly financially skint, in the midst of jotting down the 'who do I owe and apology" list, possibly contemplating how to get out of the strange bed you woke up in and ye "cannie find yer knickers" for

the walk O'shame , until next year

Happy International Hangover Day

"Anto" Donnelly


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Mar 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You are way too entertaining my Yardi...LOL & every time I see Lucozade! entertaining I buy it....tastes like home...can't wait to head back to Ireland....left a piece of my heart there in 2019 <3

Mar 21, 2023
Replying to

Yaaaardi ma love, Thank you i'm glad you enjoyed the article sharing my woes and tails on saint patrick's day, Oh my god I love LUKO I was on holiday a couple of years ago when we ran out of mix. We were drinking vodka With it and decided to call them LUKOOV'S , Now it's my go to hangover drink.

It's perfect and has all the feel better tonics along with the vodka to take the edge off LOL

I know that sounds like such an alcoholic thing to say but Try it next time l o l.


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