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Horrible things in History that happened on Halloween : Feat DJ Brent Chittenden (Anthony Donnelly)

Every year on Halloween people tell scary stories about ghoulish creators and spooky occurrences but more of these can be confined to fiction. There are, however, creepy things that happen on Halloween night every year and are most definitely real-life terror. Halloween night can send shivers up people’s spines as they wonder what ghostly presence is among them but what if what they feared wasn’t a ghost but a real-life villain. Here are 9 that will make you fear the living and not the dead this Halloween.


1. The rise of fascism

On October 31, 1922, the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini was elected to power.

  • Italian dictator Benito Mussolini

  • (1883 – 1945)


2. Accidental hangings

On October 31, 1990, William Anthony Odem was 15-years-old when he accidentally

hung himself when staging a gallows scene in the basement of his haunted house.


3.Satanic murder premonitions

On October 31, 1981 a couple was murdered in their home in Manhattan, they were severely beaten and then shot in the head, execution style, and their house was ransacked. The murder was thought to be related to drugs, however, word from a prison informant turned the case on its head, as inmate David Berkowitz, the notorious Son Of Sam killer predicted the murder weeks before it happened. He gave an eerily accurate account of what was done to the slane couples apartment but could not have perpetrated the murders, so the case remains unsolved.

Police mug shot showing the front view and profile of convicted New York City serial killer David Berkowitz, known as the ‘Son of Sam’ (Picture: Hulton Archive/Getty Imag


4. Cradle snatchers

On, October 31, 1977 one-year-old Nima Louise Carter went missing from her cradle, since all the windows and doors in her room were locked shut, it is believed her abductor was hiding out in the closet. The child was found a month later dead in a refrigerator in an abandoned house nearby. What makes this case even freakier is that the previous year three-year-old twins girls went missing in the same town, they were lured out of their house and then trapped into a fridge.

They were found two days later, but only one had survived, the surviving child, Tina Carpitcher, identified their babysitting Jacqueline Roubideaux as the kidnapper, but the accusation never led to a conviction. A year later Jacqueline Roubideaux was Nima Louise Carter’s babysitter, she was a suspect again but there was no evidence. Years later she was charged with the Carpitcher child’s murder and served a life sentence but never admitted to the murder of Nima Lousie Carter.


5. Deadly decorating

On October 31, 2005, locals in Frederica, Delaware thought that their neighbour had reached new heights with her Halloween decorations. A body hanging from a tree in the garden was thought to be a decoration for three house before people realised it was an actual person.


6. Mistaken identity

In the run-up to Halloween in 2012, a nine-year-old girl was shot outside her home during a Halloween party by a relative who thought she was a skunk. She was dressed in a black dress and black and white hat with a tassel on top which misled her killer. The child was shot in the shoulder, arm, back and neck by her cousin and was rushed to the hospital to be treated, she lived but sustained serious damage to her internal organs and spine and still has to undergo tests for lead poisoning.


7. Bad candy

On Halloween, 1974, Timothy O’Brien was eight years old when he ate some Halloween candy that was spiked with cyanide. His father was the one who spiked the candy,

motivated by the huge life-insurance on his son.


8. Convincing decoration or murder?

A postman arrived at a porch to deliver his usual morning mail on the route on November first when he saw one of his stops had a rather convincing Halloween decoration on the doorstep. The postman sidestepped the convincing dead body and delivered the mail, but it would never be received as the man had collapsed and died on his doorstep the night before.


A devastating prank

Karl Jackson and his mother, Gloria Jackson, on his 21st birthday in 1998, one month before he was killed after a Halloween egg-throwing incident. (The New York Times)

Halloween is known for both tricks and treats, but some pranks just go too far. In 1998, a Bronx man was in the car with his girlfriend to pick up her nine-year-old son from a Halloween party. When a group of teens started egging the car, the man got out and an argument started. After he sat back down in the car, though, one of the teenagers shot him fatally in the head.


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