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Is It Canada Day, or Colonizing Bastard's Day? It's Indigenous Mourning Day-By Anthony (Video)

Is It Canada Day, or Colonizing Bastard day? No, it's Indigenous Mourning Day By Anthony (Contains Video)

Canada, a country made up of other countries, as that's what I was led to believe when my family first arrived here from Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland.

I can remember when we arrived it seemed like everybody I knew was the same as me, a young child with Evergreen parents trying to awkwardly fit in and blend in with this new vibe in this new home.

Upon 1st arrived at Pearson airport you went one way or the other if you were Scottish you went to Bramalea, Ontario or you went to Scarborough.

With my father's brother already arriving here prematurely before us and established in the community, we followed our tribe, planted roots, and Bramalea became home.

Never felt any different or felt no way, I thought everybody was an immigrant. All my school friends were either, Scottish, Jamaican, Portuguese, Italian, French, Yugoslavian, Polish, and loads of others, I thought Canada was a country made up of other countries

It wasn't until a few years later when you start developing your own train of thought and start retaining and obtaining more information I got to realize that although this May be an immigrant utopia and a land of opportunity, the road traveled to get here buy the founding immigrant fathers, Not the original First Nation Of The Lands people, is a story tainted with bloodshed, theft, torture, and murder, all at the hand of the colony

This was a familiar story I knew all too well, being Scottish, we are the next-door neighbors of the colonial, Monarch Governed Britt. I think over the years that was always a natural reason why I was intrigued to learn, get to know, and respect First Nations people more.

As my life journey would have it, through broadcasting in 3 Different provinces and Territories, I ended up working together, hand in hand with the bands of the regions where the stations where I was broadcasting.

I was working and lived amongst The Dennie Nation in Yellowknife, (northwest territories)

The Dane-zaa Nation,In Peace River, Alberta who are an Athabaskan-speaking group of First Nations people & The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation n Whitecourt, Alberta (the name says it all) .

Through working with these different Bands first as community leaders, but more as friends, I ended up learning so much more than what I was led to believe was this country was made up of other countries. You see at a young age we only learn what is in the History class curriculum, and the older you get, and through independent study, we always find there is much more to the story, just as for Religious text, everyone rights their own History lessons to suit there identity, cause, and agenda.

You see all of this bloodshed and murder in this country's history has been hidden and swept under a rug for several hundreds of years, but it hasn't been until you've seen The First Nation's discovery of the 751 graves of a former residential school

that the house lights were turned, on and the magic curtain of blood was dropped, exposing the rest of Canada, or at least the ones uneducated on the History of Canada, to what exactly is going on.

Not only was Canada watching, but the world was watching as we kept on digging and digging, and more and more murder and rape started rising to the surface from the blood of the soil, at the hands of the Catholic Church and the Canadian government.

The Roman Catholic Church in particular was responsible for operating up to 70% of residential schools, according to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. "It was our government's policy to 'get rid of the Indian' in the child," said former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Perry Bellegarde

There's a side of me that almost feels hypocritical do you even speak of this because I too am an immigrant following the fathers before me, but I by no means associate myself with them, nor do I believe in any of their colonies or institutions.

I identify myself as an immigrant that's proud to be a New Canadian guest, in the First Nation's land, It is to that I respect, and it is to that I bow down, not to the Monarch, not to the Colony.

So with all of this now unfolding and rising, we need to ask ourselves the question, are we celebrating Canada today or is it an A-day of respect, thanks & mourning.?

The question is left to each household and individual with their own thoughts and beliefs, The answer bears a simple question, are you First Nation? No / Then like my family we are Immigrant guests.

In my house, it is A-day of reflection and respect for the people of the First Nations' actions for their mourning.

Once the story started unfolding, the First Nations organized to form a March for the every child matters campaign.

This was a campaign that I immediately wanted on board, to support, raise awareness, and do whatever it takes to help some kind of Justice and respect for the people of the First Nations.

I made a short independent documentary on the day of the event please bear in mind it was done with minimal amateur recording gear ( We have full-on Professionally recorded and produced productions on our site, It was on the fly for the cause)

it was pretty much done by myself, but the message is there, and the message is clear.

One may have the ability to rewrite history, but It holds no merit, and never the ability to deny the real history

Happy Not Canada Day



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