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Karens Silent Night

Recently ive been helping a friend (we'll call Karen) who is isolating with her mother and young children.

Karen's mums name is 'Sandra'. She unfortunately suffers from dementia and prescribed medication dependancy.

Most every night Sandra's disease and dependancy returns presenting itself as an angry aggressive tormentor.

Although her mums condition is no fault of her own, Karen still feels guily and incompetent for being unable to deal with the pressure.

Karen says she is alone and scared.

I realize that all of us are doing our best to cope in these trying times, and well done to the happy masses, but spare a thought for those of us, like Karen and Sandra, who behind closed doors suffer in silence, attempting to keep their world turning without the usual social distractions of a forgotten society and all of its whimsy.

If you're in trouble or just want someone to talk to, reach out to friends or famiy or if you prefer click on the link below for a list of community support in your area.

Always remember you are never alone..

Gordon Feeney

Black Donnelly Media


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