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Let Me Possibly Help You Or Someone You Know (Anthony)

It's Anthony here,maybe we can help........

In this ever changing world that has us talking entrepreneurship online with different events, sales,fundraisers and raising awareness,

If you have something that you're working on, we may be able to help.

Let's say for talking sake

  • You are selling items from home

  • You want to create a video for a loved one

  • Maybe birthday gift

  • Possibly an anniversary

  • Your own small independent business

  • Sales campaign

  • A wedding memoir

  • Loving memory for a family member

We can definitely help you out here.

A client, Gordon Feeney

Is a self contractor offering




-Ceiling repairs

-Interior exterior stucco

-Faux finishing

This is a promotional advertisement put together

by Anthony Donnelly from Black Donnelly media

for Gordons Renovations & Repairs.

“Working with Anthony on my commercial provided an opportunity to get involved from day one in the promotion process.

His experience and professionalism were direct contributors to an immediate positive response and an enjoyable experience overall.

I would highly recommend his advertising platform and creative energy”

Gordons Renovations & Repairs.......

If it is an advertisement campaign you may be in the market for to boost your client list and increase revenue, we can definitely help .

On top of advertisement ads, we will also give your ad a twice a week rotation for a month over Black Donnelly Media’s Platforms, my personal platform and others, that has a combined 10, 000 audience reach potential provided at “entry level” for your demographic and your project.

We can also design you a brand logo and provide reaches for you advertisement

from 20.000-to 100,000 , depending on the package, to reach your demographic in your community.

All you have to do is reach out to us and drop us a-line and we can figure out your marketing strategy needs to increase your revenue and get you the potential reach your business is looking for, while building a client list in this ever changing playing field,

If you, or someone you know are looking for advertising campaigns and promotional musical backdrops for any of your campaigns, projects or events….

Get us at blackdonnellymedia@gmail.com for more info.



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