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Living In Space | By Anthony

Updated: 5 days ago

It's Anthony here. I have been busy putting together this collection of vintage and antique pieces, now available for you to check out in this pop up project.

This collection has been compiled from a diverse array of sources, including private collectors, auction houses, and personal acquisitions. It encompasses a wide range of categories, genres, and decades, offering a unique backdrop that enhances any home decor or commercial space, transforming it into an exceptional living area.

Introducing "Living in Space," a pop up concept and your destination for unique antiques and vintage collectibles.

 Our collection features exquisite ornaments, furniture, sconces, lighting, artwork, and pure silk rugs. catalogued for your convenience.

Don't miss our featured section: four 100% high-grade silk rugs, hand-woven and preserved over five decades. Recently shampooed and revitalised, each rug comes with its own appraisal and certification.

Explore "Living in Space" click below


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