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Living With A DJ Who Has A Perversion / Tips To Date A DJ (By Anthony) Feat:Laura.O

I suppose to start with myself , Anthony.

I was brought up with UK parents,music in the house always

RNB Motown, very Mod, and Disco and Funk.

Records were something that we're always around me growing up from parents get togethers and whatnot.

Music played a very huge pivotal role in my family's household .

So I developed a bug at an early age.

1st I inherited their records, which were all trashed from complete Scottish party casualties,

That's OK they were good to go for the beginning anyway.

Once I started getting pocket money I was spending my pocket money on them, then I would get my part time jobs, spend my wages on them.

I ended up becoming a predominant DJ in the Toronto club and concert rave Industries.

(Anthony Donnelly & DJ Sean L 1991 )

cutting my chops playing the best in Techno and Progressive House.

But my home collection consists of everything from Rock N Roll, Jazz,Funk, Punk , you name it.

Studied Radio Broadcasting because it was the only job where you can

talk a load of shit ,& play music (2 of my favourite things do) , and get paid.

just under 10 years in 4 provinces, 4 different stations.

Throughout all of that I had several different partners, some for quite some time and some not for quite some time.

I know a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was always either leaving the house on a Thursday night with a crate of records and coming home on the Monday, sometimes Tuesday, or falling in love and meeting someone lovely, then I have to pack up my bags and I'm off to Peace River, or Edmonton or off to Yellowknife ,wherever it is.

I tried to bring two partners from one province to another , both times it never actually worked. It's a tough one because you have somebody else that's chasing your dreams and that just bleeds into an awful lot of different areas and failure is inevitable.

I been In relationships and money wasn't the greatest sometimes, and the money that I had, I was spending on records , going out to see bands live , and buy their records .

There was an awful lot of times during a lot of my relationships that well ,

apparently I paid far too much time listening to records, and playing records and sitting up to all hours in the morning.

Did that make me dysfunctional ?

definitely not, that made me Anthony,

With the Passion for records & music.

But I can understand it must take its toll on partners who have found themselves in a relationship with someone who is all about music.

(Anthony Donnelly moving his records from last appartment )

There's a misconception that most male DJ’s are philandering douche bags that get the luxury of going from gig to gig , shagging anything at there call and cant help themselves not to cheat like 16 year old drunk on peach schnapps at a basement party , it's not the case , I can tell you.

Tips To Dating A DJ

Some may love their other more than their music,

But they probably wouldn't be more important

sad but true sometimes .

Find your own life passion

So...your DJ partner is away gigging on the weekend.….again. You miss them.

You try getting in touch with them , they don't get back ,

so they must be screwing someone ?

Chances are they are setting up, or have a big responsibility being in control of a floor full of people hopped up on drugs, deep in the vibe

or they are doing P.R with owens and followers.

Thats when you need to find your own passion, or get on the dancing shoes

and join the party.

Go to their gigs and vibe

Lots of partners have a misconception that they will cramp their style ,

or dont want you there.

again incorrect

Be a part of the vibe and boogie ,and have fun.

ZERO Jealousy Policy.

They are directly interacting with drunken potentials on the regular,

but they are with you & love you, be confident enough to know this.

There simply cannot be the jealous type

Number One

Just stay away from them if you can ,

We are simple, but extremely complicated people lol

Our Blackbird

DJ Sudeep K

Has been ripping up the turntables all over the city for years ,

but more so, he is one of the strongest chartting DJs on Global Mixcloud .

He is partnered up with the love of his life laura .O

So he asked her choose and build this week's set

Is his love for music at a perversion level ?


and by the sounds of chatting with Laura

it is safe to say, DJ Sudeep got lucky lol

I Had a Q&A with his partner , the gal behind this set , and the gal behind a DJ Partner


Laura . O

Where do you come from:

I've lived in Toronto all my life, except for a few years during college.

What is the 1st concert you seen:

The first concert I went to was Rancid at the Kool Haus

when I was 15. My friend's older brother had brought us along and may have supplied us kids with beer.

While holding a beer in my hand, a sweaty, drunk Frenchman flew out of the crowd at me, and of course it was my older cousin. Busted! Apparently he had forgotten the incident though, because my family never heard about it. Years later, he was cutting my hair at a salon,

and when I reminded him of the story he vowed to bring it up at our next family reunion.

All time go to band:

MASSIVE ATTACKKKK!!! More specifically Tricky (Adrian Thaws) - both for his solo work and for the Massive Attack songs that he contributed to. I wish they could get all along so Ritual Spirit would have been a full length album and not just a 4 song EP.

New band found in pandemic:

I have come across many new artists over the course of the pandemic. One of the top finds is Essenger, who released their very first album called After Dark in 2020. It is a dynamic listen from start to finish. They also do a great cover of Kavinsky's Nightcall.

If your music player is locked to one coping album:

If I had to listen to only one album on repeat it would be Sneaker Pimps - Bloodsport. Bloodsport has been my coping album for a solid 5 years now. It is somehow both energetic and chill, and is just what I need.

What's funny/hindrance/unique about living with a partner who revolves his entire world around music, listening to music, promoting music:

I definitely can't complain about getting private DJ sessions at home,

especially when my taste aligns so much with Sudeep's

(with new wave being the main exception)

Music helps me get through the day, especially while at work or while working from home. We can both be working from home at the same time and it works out just fine

(although he gets the mute button when I'm on a video call).

Music is a big part of both of our lives

(of course with Sudeep being the extreme here!) and we are both collectors.

We work as a team to fill our tiny downtown Toronto condo with records, CDs and other art!

Most emotional song that strikes a chord:

That would have to be Happiness - a track off of IAMX's album Metanoia. "Happiness" does not at all describe the emotion behind the song, which is steeped in melancholy.

The album was released in 2015 during a time of crisis for the mastermind and frontman Chris Corner (also of Sneaker Pimps). I think we've all experienced dark times over the past year and a half, and many of us may be able to relate to the themes found throughout. Hearing the album is acknowledging the pain and knowing that you're not alone.

Corner's 2016 and 2017 albums follow the same struggle until Alive In New Light is finally released in 2018, where you can hear the darkness lifting. In 2021, Sneaker Pimps released their fourth official album after 20 years!

One song that the radio could do without:

Any Nickelback song...does it make any difference which one if I can't tell them apart?

Lead singer in any band:

I wouldn't wish that upon any band!

Some DJ’s Are reading this and wishing they could be lucky to have a Laura lol


Is taking over the selection for

Alternative Gems show for the day

Sudeep is on the wheels of steal

with the show currently holding down

4 categories on

the Global Mxcloud Charts

#indie 2nd

#indie dance 24th

click the picture below to check out





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