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Music can help January Depression (By Anthony) Feat: DJ Brent Chittenden

The month of January has never been a big hit for me speaking personally. I mean there are 2 ways to look at it,....possibly the opportunity to start a fresh New Year and all the rest of that, but it's also the start of a very doom and gloom season for a lot of people, and I'm no exception to the rule at times over the years.

This January is a little bit unique compared to all the other ones before living in the clutches of that bastard pandemic living

Together you and I have both seen an awful lot of highs and lows these past 2 years, could we be dawning upon an even bigger low this month with seasonal depression added on top of the streak of bullshit we've been dealing with for the past 2 years?

like the loss of identity, loss of wages and in everything that that wonderful pandemic has brought to our fucking front door??????

There may be a way out there maybe some help.

Now if you're like me, unpartnered going through the pandemic on your own, it's been no picnic, or also like me, you're a music lover?

there may be an answer coming in the form of that old faithful one entity that never lets us down, and That's music.

With winter approaching, it is normal to feel a little dreary, but SAD can cause an individual to experience actual depression. Listening to types of music can help improve mood. Research shows that music can generate a positive biological response whose structural elements, sensory attributes, and expressive qualities engage the human brain comprehensively and in a complex manner.

For SAD, pre-recorded music is effective as it not only triggers feel-good associations a person may have with a particular song but there are also fundamental, uplifting messages given by the singer or composer, which the individual may find inspiring or instill hope.

It’s halfway through January, the tinsel has been packed away and the bubble and sparkle of the New Year are ebbing away. As the long grey days of winter set in, what do we do to help banish those winter blues? It’s a lot easier than you think.

Due to the way we have evolved to respond to sound, music and sound therapy are really quick and effective at boosting your mood state. Research undertaken by us at The British Academy of Sound Therapy for Deezer asked 7591 people if they felt music played an important part in their health and wellbeing. 89% said ‘yes’ and a massive 82% of those said they used music to improve their mood. On average it took 9 minutes for people to feel the benefit of the happy music.

Active Listening” improves mood

The best way to get the most out of music to shake off the winter blues is to use “active listening.” The individual must make an effort to become involved with the music – the melody, the rhythm, and the message in the lyrics, as it is only then that these songs are at their most effective. Research shows that passive music listening will typically not change or intensify the mood.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, as with any form of depression, can feel like there is no hope and no end. Music offers an effective way to help cope with the effects of SAD in a very simple way. Listen to music. Let it guide, inspire, and instill a sense of hope within that Seasonal Affective Disorder can be overcome.

Music’s positive influence

Music is an effective rehabilitative tool for individuals with acquired brain injury, autism, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, helping to relax and reduce stress, agitation & anxiety as well as promote cognitive, behavioral, and emotional behavior. The positive effects and benefits are well-documented and should bring comfort to those suffering from SAD that help is available and music therapy does work to help improve mood, help relax, reduce anxiety and enhance an overall sense of wellbeing.

Create a happy playlist

It’s not surprising that many people choose music with great ‘happy lyrics’ – ‘Happy’ by Pharell came no.1 as the most well-used happy track in our latest research.

Choose tracks with great ‘Happy’ lyrics

Choose tracks that have an upbeat tempo, high pitches, soaring and rising sounds. Some great feel-good tracks.

Consciously Designed Music

If you want a piece of Consciously Designed Music (that is, music specifically created to boost mood state) a track that is both relaxing and uplifting so if you don’t want a toe-tapping tune then this is perfect.

The Tracks of your Life

Choose tracks and create a playlist of songs that remind you of happy times in your life.

The Tracks of Your Tears

When feeling down sometimes a happy tune just won’t cut it. It may be better for you to process and release the sadness. Referring again to the Deezer research, 47% of people used music to help process and release sadness by playing songs with meaningful lyrics or a sad and melancholic feeling. Allow yourself a few tracks worth of release and then get back into the happy stuff!

Sounds Good

Music is sound organized into pretty patterns which we love but sound therapy, being the roots of music, can be just as effective as boosting mood state. Research has shown that a sound bath or gong bath can improve mood state significantly.

So beat those blues, plug in, draw a bath, and put a spring in your step today!


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