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My previous position had me radio broadcasting across Northern Canada for a solid eight years on the road.

Coming back from the north, I was out of the loop, out of gas, but still out of sight.

Upon returning and reintegrating back into the city,

I had reached out to an old friend Rodrigo Andrade, to reconnect, catch up, and get my hair back into city shape.

We were chewing the fat, catching up, and I had asked him

what's been going on and what he was up to ?

He told me he was going to be going away on a specific weekend going up to a "special place" and also responded if I told you I would have to kill you laughing.

Obviously I was intrigued.

In the oncoming weeks he had reached out and kindly invited me to go away for the September weekend to this "special place"

which is put on by Justin Martins , and his wonderful team.

It had been quite some time since I had been to a music festival,

I pondered the notion for a day or two,

but with the sincerity and the excitement from Rodrigo and his tribe,

I had decided, this just might be the perfect opportunity for me to reintegrate back into the city, reconect with friends , try something different,

and meet some new friends in a different social circle

( turned out I knew several of them).

In the week's leading up to it, I started to come across very interesting characters that I knew, but didn't know through social feeds and whatnot that were also going,

judging by character, I was starting to get excited recognizing the caliber of tribe that were heading up North.

Being no stranger to dance culture and festival settings across North America

and Europe, I was pretty sure it was going to be the same type of setting and theme, but it was much more than that.

The venue is nestled on this private place of property with a beautiful backdrop of green rolling Hills, lots of trees , wonderful art instalments, water,

and all the key elements.

Upon arrival I met my tribe at the gate, then I knew things were going to be different.

As soon as I walked through the gate I realized I was entering

a microcosmic society that showed me clearly how one can behave in large gatherings left to their own devices.

Walking through the trail to get into the venue every single complete stranger passes by going under their way, extending their hand and wishing everybody

a Happy Harvest.

This comradery and close-knit connection before I even got into the main area was overwhelming, and set the tone for things to come.

What I had fortunately stumbled across was different from any scene.

The Harvest group organizers and their tribe, have a very special thing that goes on up there just north of Toronto.

Two different constructed venues with two different music formats,

ever changing throughout the whole course of the weekend.

State-of-the-art sound and light technology, and an awful lot of good vibes.

This tribe had it all, from no hairs to gray hairs,

different colorful characters from all different genres and sectors,

with one common thread,

to have a good time in their community, myself included.

One of the beautiful things I also had noticed over the course of the weekend was that there was no heavy corporate presence or anything of that nature, that we have all have become accustomed to in other gatherings.

The people from The Harvest Group were close hand working with the locals in the community, letting them do all the vending, supporting their charitable organizations, and channeling revenue towards their industry and community,

to which is the utmost respect.

I was extremely looking forward to my second harvest this year, like the several thousands of others from their community,

Unfortunately due to the temperature in the arena with the current epidemic at hand , obviously the festival has been put off until next year.

This must have been a devastating blow to not only the Harvest Group,

but the Harvest Tribe, as this is much more than just getting together once a year for them,

it's a serious culture.

With that being said, one of their main headline resident

also hosts his Nitebeat radio program on

Black Donnelly Radio Saturdays from 11:00 PM until 12:00.

In honor and celebration of the anniversary for the Harvest festival,

and a dedication to the event promoters

and all of their tribe

tonight with great pleasure we will be featuring

from the Harvest Music Festival.

We hope you come and join us and catch the vibe.

(Below are a collection of pictures from the Harvest festival

along with some video to let you into the wonderful world)

Click listen live on this site tonight, and join the journey






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