Today we are putting on a fantastic presentation packed full of music and entertainment.

Today is the final as we fade to black

we hope you join us.

So what does this mean?

This means for the listeners that have been following our broadcast DJs on the live radio channel will be able to catch them one last time this weekend for our Fade to Black final exit.

After that there will be weekly shows from all your favorite DJs but they will live on our mixcloud account, along with other new artists that will be joining the nest.

For everyone that listened to us live on our radio platform it has been nothing short of an honor and a pleasure to serve you, and to give you information and music to the best of our ability, like we said the music doesn't stop or the programming they're just moving over to the

Black Donnelly Mixcloud Account.

We sincerely hope you join us this weekend for our last hurray Fade to Black on the radio platform.

In the coming weeks there will be a revamp and a new form of media and entertainment coming out of the camp changing the platform completely and I can assure you it will be interesting.

There will be plenty of information to guide you on the new form of media coming shortly.

The flyer above is the final bill for the radio platform.

We hope you join us