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We call our home our Nest.

In the nest lives all of our artists we call Blackbirds

from djs, producers, videographers to artists.

We are a collaboration that works independently and together to inform and entertain you to the best of our ability , from the first week of the pandemic.

Some stay in the nest , some fly the coop , but we are all birds of a feather.

It is always great to present a new Blackbird


With years of experience in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and

producer, topped with her endless live performance credentials,

​Andrea is anoptimal example of a continuous and thriving success.

Andrea has had countless musical releases, international tours with world

renowned artists, and songs airing across the globe on television and radio. She

has also reached as high as #7 on the Italian iTunes Dance charts and has

collaborated with influential chart toppers

and Grammy nominees throughout her career.

After starting her own record label Scarlet Cartels and sub label Red Cartel, she

has assembled an exclusive powerhouse team including dance music icon

Starkillers which she collaborates with on many of her projects. From

techno to melodic house, R&B to dark, gritty pop, her label has the coolest vibes

for many different tastes.

Andrea also has her own monthly DJ mix show

"Fresh & Wild" which includes the

freshest and wildest house and techno records.

The show is syndicated to over

90radio stations worldwide including

the massive radio platforms DASH Radio and

Mix 93 FM in Los Angeles.

With steady releases lined up and in the works, stay tuned for what’s to come from this young Canadian talent.

Watch for her monthly mixes and live Radio Show Features



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