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Save Toronto Music Venues (Important) By Anthony

Do you believe in live music?

Would you like to support Arts & Culture in The Beautiful city of Toronto?

Now that we are approaching the two-year mark since the dawning of the pandemic, we have seen temporary lockdown measures come and go that have had a crippling effect on several industries. Some braced the storm, some are holding on for dear life, and others are permanently gone with an irreversible process.

One industry that we all hold near and dear to our hearts that defines our individual identity as a city comes from the world of Arts & Culture, that being the live music industry.

Arts & Culture have all of the elements that characterize our identity, and way of life. They bring different people together and help us to appreciate each other with their diversity. Among the several different forms of creative arts , one of the most important ones for this writer and the majority of the people reading this would have to be Musicians, Bands, and Entertainers.

The artists work hard at their craft, carving away on projects, inserting their elements and soul, fine-tuning them with hopes that the project resonates or strikes a chord within you, tapping on your emotions, and providing a mental avenue to escape from the day to day to see, hear and feel the world within the eyes of the artist.

The payoff goes both ways, artists get off on you getting off on whatever the project may be, there is a depth level of empathy formed between the Artist and the Audience like no other.

This process only takes place in the one place where we have the ability and the pleasure of this specific exchange of energy, and that is the live venue.

It is no great mystery, just by walking around certain sections of our communities that there is an abundance of these venues grasping at straws which is a direct result of the pandemic, and now it's time to do our part..

Black Donnelly Media honored doing our part to help promote a great cause, with hopes you can make it out, and support in their mission;

A celebratory event to help “ Save Toronto Music Venues “ STMV raise the funds necessary to bring live music back to Toronto’s venues.

Save Toronto Music Venues has been working tirelessly to raise funds for live music venues impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions. STMV has found the best way to spread its message - through music, of course!

March is women’s month

and what better way to celebrate than with a packed schedule of live shows showcasing female artists. Local non-profit, Save Toronto Music Venues (STMV) has taken it upon themselves to throw together this special celebration. “Being a female-led organization ourselves, we think it’s important to recognize and empower the female artists within our community”, says Ashley and Kyla from STMV. “BitchFest is a chance for Toronto to get to know the badass bitches that fuel our local music scene, all while helping support local artists and the venues we all cherish”.

BitchFest consists of 6 shows

taking place over the month of March and features 20 different bands, mostly within the punk/rock/alternative genres. Tickets for each show are on sale now for $10, or $15 at the door, with a portion of the proceeds going to help support live music venues across Toronto. Concert lovers can also buy a mega pass for $100, which includes a ticket to each of the 6 shows, the official BitchFest poster, a limited edition red STMV t-shirt, a compilation CD featuring local artists and the BitchFest ‘zine’, featuring interviews with local female artists. For those who are unable to attend the shows and still want to show their support, these items can also be purchased individually, directly from STMV’s web

Show Dates & Line-Up:

Thursday, March 3rd @ See-Scape, with: - Giant Triangle - Bad Breed - Starship Experience

Saturday, March 5th @ Tail of the Junction, with: - Dangers at Night - Queens and Kings - Joan Smith and The Jane Does

Saturday, March 12th @ Hard Luck, with: - Shot Down Twice - Sunlust - Neon Bloom

Thursday, March 17th @ See-Scape, with: - Gaijin Smash - Rosie Wyse - Bitch Stick

Saturday, March 19th @ Sneaky Dee’s, with: - Miss Conduct - Hysterics - Amy Gabba & The Almost Famous

Thursday, March 31st @ Tail of the Junction, with: - The Gens - Nerima - Vintage Flight - A Short Walk to Pluto

6 Shows

1 Zine

20 Bands

+ Live Streamed Round Table Discussion

The month-long festivities will also play host to a round-table discussion with prominent female voices from the Toronto music industry.

This event will be live streamed from Hard Luck Bar on Wednesday, March 30th, and will be free to watch on STMV’s YouTube page.

For more information on Save Toronto Music Venues or to purchase tickets to BitchFest, please visit their website or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.





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Ontario, M6C2M2

May Good JuJu Find You


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