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Public and social gatherings

It looks like we are getting together

Regardless of where you live in Ontario, social gathering limits will be expanded to up to 10 people. People must still practice physical distancing, by keeping at least two metres away from others outside of their direct household. This change to social gathering size will apply to people across the province, regardless of whether their region has moved into Stage 2.


It is an extremely great day around here for programming.

Tonight we are honoured to showcase


Backstory: (Timing is everything)

In the very beginning of the rave movement in Toronto dance music culture, myself and John Angus and Mark Oliver we're just getting ready to set up shop at 318 Richmond Street in Toronto, the holy grounds of all things dance culture in the city as EXODUS PRODUCTIONS.

It was evening one and John had gone out to the shops on Queen Street to get cigarettes, and we're stopped by a gentleman on the street who kindly asked us if we had any skins.

We heardt the Liverpool accent and immediately struck conversation.

Myself and John we're returning back to 23 Hop. to see Mark Oliver in the myths of getting ready to create something special.

Sean had to work the next day and kindly reneged coming back as he had to work the next morning, with promises to regroup with us the following week.

Upon Sean's arrival the following week

That was the birth of Exodus productions.

From there on in Sean l took the DJ showcasing being one of four in

The Booming System Collective alongside Mark Oliver, Doctor No, and Malik X

Throughout the courses of wonderful years in the early days and in the height of warehouse and rave scene culture, Sean Not only was a predominant number of Exodus, but also rocked some of the best dance floors in the city.

After the scene as we knew it fizzled , Sean L returned back to his native home of Liverpool where he still resides to building sets.

This is the second instalment of the guest feature showcasing. (10PM-12PM)

His first one a few weeks ago was completely different Sean, it was refreshing and great to hear where his head was that music wise.

Tonight's two-hour set features some more of the classic stuff mixed in with all things Sean, that you will know and will resonate.

Alongside Sean we also have several other artists on the video and radio channel tonight presenting to you their best package.



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