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That night with U2 & how they showed me a light for Martin Luther King: By Anthony

The year was 1987 which had this young early teenager at the age of 14 weaving and wobbling through the fibers of a misspent youth.

In this specific year, you had to be living under a fucking rock if you hadn't heard or been encaptured by any song from U2”s Joshua Tree Album.

You couldn't go into a taxi, into a clothing store, into a bar, or go to a party

without hearing

Where the sweets have no name,

That was also the LP that motivated me independently, to learn

more about Martin Luther King.

that comes a little later.

The L.P was produced by Canad’s as own Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, on Island Records. In contrast to the ambient

experimentation of their 1984 release, The Unforgettable Fire,

Joshua Tree Album. By The Numbers

-Went platinum in the UK in 48 hours and sold 235,000 copies in its first week, becoming Britain’s fastest-selling album ever to that point.

- 1987 cover of Time magazine “U2” beamed the headline: “Rock’s Hottest Ticket.”

-A nine-week reign that went on to win the Grammy Award for Album Of The Year.

Now the tour was coming to my town

The stage was set to appear for the

Canadian National Exhibition Stadium - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was living in Bramalea at the time with a bunch of friends, lots of Scottish ex-pats, and whatnot, who could usually be found at the Bramalea city center hanging around like mall rats

or in some basement party drinking underage, and smoking Hasheesh..........

But for U2 fans, it was all systems go.

I remember that day we went down on the Go Bus,

For some reason, (a lot of my friends were older than me ) at that time,

I didn't have too much in common with my classmates that were the same age. we had 1 hotel room at

The seaway Inn on the lake on Lakeshore, all 12 of us .

Now Getting pumped to go to the concert, I was speaking to someone at the hotel pre-party, and Pride (In The Name Of Love from The Unforgettable Fire album came on

and he asked if I knew what that song is about???

That's when I found out the song was written about Martin Luther King

(you can hear it In the verse)


“ Early evening, April four

A shot rings out in the Memphis sky

Free at last, they took your life

They could not take your pride

In the name of love”


In the track, Bono is speaking about those throughout history who have died because they preached the equality of all men and practiced nonviolence as the only way to achieve their goal of having this equality universally recognized.

MLK is the primary example of nonviolent resistance as the only way to bring about changes in civil rights. But there are allusions to others.

The song is about singular "people" that lived their life with pride. Not in a boastful way, but with the pride a person has when their thoughts and actions are motivated by their understanding and full awareness of the dig


It Was now time to make the convoy down lakeshore Blvd double fisted to

The Exhibition stadium to check out the for lads from Dublin.

The evening was everything you could possibly imagine.

With Where The StreetsHave No Name being the larger-than-life hit on the LP,

had you convinced it would be their last of the night,

but they actually came on with it & the place went ape shit.

Setlist 3rd leg: North America

Canadian National Exhibition Stadium - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


It was about a week or 2 later, reminiscing about U2 performing

Pride (In The Name Of Love) at the concert and

the song took on a whole new meaning.

I was so captured about MLK, who was a man I knew little about,

U2 Encouraged me to do more personal research and find out

his achievements, strengths,

and the stands he took, for what was right!

He worked hard to bring greater equality to America and ensure civil rights for all people, regardless of race. Notably, he brought publicity to major civil rights activities, emphasizing the importance of nonviolent protest.

King led a brief life filled with many great accomplishments working to promote equal treatment of all races. His nonviolent approach to protesting, his legions of followers, and his true belief in the ability of mankind to live in peace went a long way toward the advancement of civil rights during this tumultuous time in history.

King's accomplishments are numerous.

They include:

providing leadership in the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955

being instrumental in establishing the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in 1957, a civil rights organization that supports the philosophy of nonviolence

writing the letter from Birmingham Jail highlighting the necessity of civil rights change

delivering his famous I Have a Dream speech in 1963 at the March on Washington

being an advocate for nonviolent protest in the Memphis Sanitation Worker Strike in 1968

This is just a brief overview of his impact on the civil rights movement

and the world.

It's amazing how artists can have a good influence on you with their beliefs that resonates encourages you to learn more, and research independently on Great leaders like MLK


It is to you U2

I say thanks for leading me to lust for this history


it is to Martin Luther King

I say thank you for showing so much courage to stand up and represent a part of a Nation under such oppression and changing the course of history.

Showing generations to follow

what it means to have spirit and backbone that had him having to pay

the ultimate sacrifice for what's right,

for the greater of all mankind, is in my eyes

a martyr to the cause of freedom...............

"Free at last, they took your life

They could not take your pride"

U2‘s The Edge has revealed that the band are reportedly working on a new album, which would be the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Songs of Experience’.

working with bassist Adam Clayton on a new song idea.

“We are firmly locked in the tower of song and working away on a bunch of new things,” he said. “I’m just having so much fun writing and not necessarily having to think about where it’s going to go,. It’s more about enjoying the experience of writing and having no expectations or limitations on the process.”







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