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Okay so we are social creatures to say the least.

One of my favourite pastimes is having the ability to assemble in the abundance of beautiful different licensed establishments across our wonderful city.

As of today, Toronto has been given the green light for stage 2 allowing us all to get back together and enjoy some libations on several different patios.

I can pretty much guarantee you the first conversation between anyone at any table will be

" holy smokes what a past couple of months this has been"

and it's true.

It's been tough for all of us, no one's story is unique, we are social creatures by nature, the social gathering outlets have temporarily shut down, but were back.

We are certainly lucky enough that a lot of them have made it through and are still opened for business.

let's not forget though, there are numerous amounts that are holding on for dear life during this lockdown .

This is our golden opportunity entering phase 2 to make a conscious decision to do our best to try and gravitate our finances and our consumption at the community level with local independent establishments.

Although they might still be open, and they're opening today, they need us now more than ever.

This is a list that was posted of open patio establishments in and around your city.

(now where to find money for these libations lol)

Also, congradulations to all in the service industry for getting back on the go,

with a couple of bucks in your pocket !

Welcome Back Kotter…….

We have a great evening of programming set up for you !

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