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Happy Monday to you.

I went out for my Sunday afternoon stroll up St Clair West yesterday.

It was such a beautiful afternoon the sun was in the sky, people were out doing their best to do the social distancing.

But there was one thing that stuck out from the usual, something was different……

Then it struck me, the TTC fare inspectors are back with boots on the ground.

(they were kind enough to give me a thumbs up )

I can remember when they put a pause on fares in the dawning of the covid-19 / "everybody's lost their job episode"

Seeing that nothing has changed, no one really has their job back ?

which means there's no income coming in ?

I can emphasize with the TTC and the city of Toronto having the challenge logistically of transporting our infrastructure and commuters around with no one paying fares, lets face it…..

At this specific moment in time, obviously they're hemorrhaging money.

With that being said, the empathy on their end not to charge us for fares because no one had a job, sure was a good break, but we're not back to work yet ?

These are definitely trying times, things are playing out in real time and every day is different , unique , and it all comes with its own little spices of new ways of living, new ways of thinking, and new ways of order.

In short, be sure to have your proof of transfer to avoid hefty fines.

(Although I'm confident there will be a grey area of transitioning)

Have a great day of programming line-up for you today

Check out all of the day's programming on our radio and live Channel

(Click below for your Monday kickoff vibes)

May good juju find you today !



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