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The flower of Scotland blooms in fresh colors/Feat Ewan Macfarlane (By Anthony)

Music is the eternal entity in the way it lives on standing the test of time and the way it elevates and moves people, Ewan's new material checks all the boxes.

if you have been following my cover stories, you may remember an earlier release on Ewan I had written:

(Coming Full Circle: The Return Of Scottish Songwriter Ewan MacFarlane (By Anthony Donnelly) covering his Bio as he was in the works of putting his new material together for his long-awaited new LP the artist was crafting.?

Well the LP has arrived just in time for the fall.

The New Album - MILK - Out October 28

Great to see Ewan back doing what he is good at, and he does it very well.

I love all the material that I've heard so far on the LP.

It's always great when you hear an artist expose their soul, throwing their cards on the table and opening up their heart to let you into the cockles of their soul.

With all these new singles put together in one house, Ewan opens the door and lets the listener feel.

Through a very rich and colorful timeline in the Industry as a front man band member, It really sounds like the full circle is completed, having Ewan returning as a hungry singer writer & a budding new artist,

That has definitely come full circle.....

and come into his own.

If you have ever loved, lost, or lived, this album will resonate with you"

Anthony Donnelly...

Black Donnelly Media

This is one of the new singles from the L.P that resonates with me

(The Bridge is a classic emotional high energy Ewan)

The October released LP has been received with great respect & reviews from all the right places.

“Sparking with triumphant Wah! exuberance, the former Apollo 440/ Grim Northern Social frontman channels his inner Tom Petty to excellent effect with his debut solo album, Always Everlong”Classic Rock Magazine "Gritty and melodic, soulful, and driven with an enthusiastic energy, Always Everlong is a terrific debut"4/5 RNR Magazine "Hooky, classic rock with a Springsteen meets Tom Petty feel. Listened again straight away. Twice.- 5/5” - Louder Than War

“a mesmerising live act and decidedly the best the country has to offer" - Music Week

"the best voice in rock this side of the Atlantic” -The Sunday Times

“It’s good to have him back.”- Billy Sloan, BBC Radio Scotland “An album that will definitely remind you of Springsteen and Petty, MacFarlane uses a modest amount of twang and the Scotland native retains the spirit of his home country to give it a distinct angle. Writing a song a day during lockdown, he certainly bared his soul in these stories, and it makes every second here worth respect and admiration.”- 9/10 - Take Effect Reviews

“This is for playing loud with the windows open enjoying the singing in the rain vibe. If you haven’t heard this man’s voice before, then now is the time.” - Backseat Mafia

"Macfarlane belts out hard, driving sounds with catchy-as-hell lyrics and rhythm" - Rolling Stone

Single of the week” - Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio Scotland


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