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We are now at the dawning of the first weekend for licensed established independent businesses to be open.

It's a big weekend for all independent business owners.

Our cornerstone institutions have made it through this drought,

My first personal experience bartending in the market was in the institution of

last temptation.

By no means was it the first room I've had the pleasure to sling suds , but the first one in the market.

I worked under the direction of Tro and his wife who have been running their institution for quite some time, and hold an awful lot of credibility in the room they run, and the culture it creates.

Today , last temptation is opening its doors in the market.

On behalf of

black Donnelly radio

We wish good luck to your door.

Check them out if you're cruising on the weekend.


We are certainly cruising

Tonight's showcase programming starts off with Audiocrisp Radio , a presentation brought to us from Brian Ireland.

The showcase production features weekly guests DJs and producers that not only present their set, but give an in-depth interview process on where they are at personally and musically.

The program is featured from 9 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Then we shift over to Shane Hockett bringing his

Highview feature

making his debut on Saturdays.

Shane's vinyl collection is that rich with diversity that every different program he brings to the station is a completely different format.

If you have caught him on Sundays the message is clear.

Tonight he is digging into his house music vault

which is a good place.

from 10 until 11

Then we move over to our brand new second instalment from the United Kingdom hosting their

love is the law program

The team is made up by Damian Wells and Ian Hardy.

A full solid hour of British house music.

The vibe is alive and the message is clear with their program

from 11 until midnight

to get your weekend on the go

This all lives on the radio channel

Click this link at 9 p.m. for the start of the programming

it's an honour to present to you our Friday package

~May good Juju find you~



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