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The UK's first socially distanced gig happened in Newcastle over the weekend .

500 separate raised metal platforms, each accommodating up to five people from the same family/household.

Due to covid-19, we have had to make a lot of sacrifices and meet guidelines that have been handed down from government health organizations and officials.

As we are slowly crawling on our way out of the pandemic, we are entering stages and trying to reintegrate things that are missing in our lives to try and get back to somewhat normal.

I wonder are we ready for this kind of normal ?

if there's one thing we all miss dearly, it's definitely having the ability to go check out some live music and get together.

This is something I stand behind and we should be taking measures to get events up and going for artists and for audiences.

The thing is, with all of these new challenges, every single person has their own individual opinion and every single person has the right to that opinion.

This is all new to all of us and everybody has different precautions and safety measures that they feel should be in place.

To me personally the true essence and nature of getting together for an outdoor concert festival, doesn't really look like this.

I fully understand and get it, we need to get on with the show, but at the cost of these measurements I think possibly events of this size and nature that are having these kind of guidelines, takes away the point from the event and lacks luster.

With that being said maybe are we just moving too fast

for events of this size in nature ?

Do you think this is a good thing ?

Would you rather wait it out ?

Enter your comments and thoughts on this below for my show this evening.

I value your opinion and would love to hear your view ???????


We are kicking off our weekend programming with our Thursday line up

Click the link below for the vibe of the day

May good Juju find you


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Jeffrey Sands
Jeffrey Sands
14 de ago. de 2020

Maybe too fast? Maybe just to get back to in-person for a change? Everyone's definitely missing that.... It could turn out to not be worth the investment in terms of Ticket Sales, and be impractical for but a few months a year. They're probably better off doing live feeds on Pay-Per-View, really.

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