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“The Queen Is Dead Documentary” looking For Sponsors / Donations (By Anthony)

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

(Your Humble Producer & Narator)

Spare a moment to possibly support the arts , and your city ?????

We are super excited as

The Queen Is Dead

Team (Anthony Donnelly-Fred Yurichuk-Dave Taylor)

are looking forward to releasing the documentary this month.

If you managed to catch our 1st episode of taking it to the streets titled

“Killing Kensington” (Featured below) we hope you enjoyed the production,

We are currently in the works of production with our 2nd episode titled

“The Queen Is Dead”

Our aim is to document the history of the

Queen Street West neighbourhood

with the downfall and closures of businesses

through speaking with owners, artists, local residents, and organisations & let the people tell the story of how…..

The Queen Is Dead,

featuring an amazing line up of

Artists, Club and Venue owners, Musicians , Label owners, Organization leaders, and an extremely cool independ soundtrack , featuring up and coming indie artists.


Black Donnelly Media

was created at the beginning of the lockdown pandemic. Having a background in media and broadcasting , I decided to create it

to keep out of work artists busy ,help promote local independent business, while driving revenue to their establishments , informing, entertaining to the best of our ability

all voluntary with no income.

Every project you have seen , has been worked on by unemployed artists collaborating together.

Through the past 14 months our Blackbird DJs, Video makers, announcers, artists and collaborators have put together great shows for our audience , dominating the Mixcloud charts, nationally and globally, all to entertain you .

When I started to see the crippling effect the pandemic was having in our own communities in Toronto affecting small businesse s, arts and culture,I started

“Taking it to the streets”

Our first episode “Killing Kensington” was extremely well received , Viewed over 6000 times over our platforms , and we shined as much light as possible on our Kensington Market area.

Now we are here , highlighting the effect on the

Queen Street west Neighbourhood.

We are at the final stages of production and seeking to cover some costs offering with great gratitude : an opportunity to work with you through sponsorship, or Donations.


We are projecting The Queen Is Dead episode to reach double the audience from the first episode ,

putting us in the 12000-15000 viewership audience.

If you or someone you know has a small business , this is a great opportunity to not only let us help you reach your target demographic audience with your business sponsorship name attached to it , but you will also be helping shine light on the arts , club and culture of your city, that is still under serious diminishment through the pandemic .

Your business name or someone you know will advertised in the documentary contributors credit role

but as a bonus

Let's say you, or a friend has a business

I will create a personal advertisement commercial for that business, run it across all of our platforms and web sites and give to you for your own personal promotional campaigns , what independent industry your endeavors may be .

Let's say for talking sake

You are selling items from home

You want to create a video for a loved one

Maybe birthday gift

Possibly an anniversary

Your own small independent business

Sales campaign

A wedding memoir

Loving memory for a family member

This is a promotional advertisement example that I will also put together for you as a sponsor ,

no charge.

“Working with Anthony on my commercial provided an opportunity to get involved from day one in the promotion process.

His experience and professionalism were direct contributors to an immediate positive response and an enjoyable experience overall.

I would highly recommend his advertising platform and creative energy”

(Gordon Feeney)

Gordons Renovations & Repairs.......

If it is an advertisement campaign you may be in the market for to boost your client list and increase revenue, this will definitely help .

On top of being featured in The Queen Is Dead Episode,

I will also give your ad a twice a week rotation for a month over Black Donnelly Media’s Platforms, my personal platform and others, that has a combined

10,000 audience reach potential provided for your demographic and your project.

If you would like to help support the arts, the documentary, and be a part of independent Toronto short doc history at the Sponsor level…...

I would be honored & love to hear from you

Drop me a line , title the email “Sponsor”


If you are someone that is not interested at this time for sponsorship , there are other ways to help, and for that we would be grateful.

For covering the cost for production , editors and advertisement , anything would help, and it would be you donating either anonymously or by name (which we will proudly be sharing the list of donation contributors) helping artist’s and your community.

There will also be a swag raffle giveaway for donators with:

Collectors Tee Shirt

Wilcon stash bag odourless with lock

Collectors lighter

Donations can be made through e transfer to

Or get in touch and I would gladly come up with other payment avenues to suit your convenience.

I thank you for taking the time to read this , and we are extremely looking forward to working with you, but even more so excited to sharing the Documentary with you, and ever so grateful for any sponsorship , or contributions,

Sincerely ,

Anthony Donnelly

~May good juju find you ~


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