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World War II was a tough time for humanity, but it was an even tougher time for the soldiers in the front lines that gave up their lives and dedicated themselves to fight for our freedom and live in a Democratic society that we live in today.

There was a drive and an inspiration that served those troops, entertained those troops and won the heart of nations with her campaign and everything that she did for the cause.

I can reflect on this personally through having the blessing of being brought up with grandparents that were all directly involved with this dark chapter in humanity

we lost, and hopefully we learned.

British singer Vera Lynn sang her heart out to ballads during the world war II campaign completing the backdrop for the war effort for all of the allies.

It is with great sadness to see this legend and inspiration pass on today.

She left us in her home in East Sussex, England surrounded by her close family.

Two of her greatest hits were

"we will meet again "

released in 1939 and

"The White cliffs of Dover "

in 1942.

Her songs gave the nation of Britain hope and gave the forces support in one of the biggest war efforts , unfortunately, we ever had to face.

She uplifted a nation with her voice and her charm , her spirit, and it still resonates today.

In 2009 she became the oldest artist to have a number one album in England with

“we will meet again” from the best of Vera Lynn.

Vera had left school at the young age of 14 picked up by a talent agent to arrange work for her at parties and events that took her to radio releasing her first solo record "Up on the wooden Hill to bedfordshire " 1936.

The Royal British Legion said in a tweet today that

“Lynn was an unforgettable British icon and a symbol of Hope for the armed forces”

Take time out today to remember Vera Lynn

~Anthony / Black Donnelly Media~


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