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Toronto slowly starts getting back to the house music boogie / Feat : DJ Sudeep K (By Anthony)

For over the past 15 months we have had an awful lot of adjusting to do with what was always the status quo,

I dare say lots of us bickered how at times, thighs were boring in some areas, and the grass was always greener somewhere else, unitil that specific month of March , there was no green grass anywhere to compare to, it was a bust.

We were first under the impression it was”14 days to flatten the curve” but ended up with 14 months to flatten socializing as we know it.

There was, and still remains so much industry carnage all across the board, all across the city of Toronto.

Not one single local industry was left unscaved , and far too many gone for good, but Torontonians at the core , are resilient.

We Are a city made of the stock from the get go from immigrants & First Nation, witch is a stock that know all about change, challenges, and moving forward,

One very big thing that Torontonians put a lot of work into over the years from the ground up is our dance culture scene and industry, more specifically our House Music culture.

I was very fortunate to be around in the right places at the right time around the city

to witness it start, flower, and flourish.

Being an expat from the UK , I Was always back and forth and had witnessed this incredibly new scene rising like wildfire for themselves

and cities in the US (more notably Detroit and Chicago)

Both the UK & the US came out of the gate before us for the obvious reason , they were lighting the pilots, but Toronto was right behind them in our own time , and in no time.

Since roughly the 80s all the way up until that dark month of March, we went from word of mouth events, to illegal warehouses, to clubs all the way to hosting international level festival events , earning our rightful place as a city that hosts House Music in its own rite, along with the forefathers before us.

House music and its gatherings, as you well know and feel , are much more than any other gatherings.

House music culture has a backbone that is all about people getting together in dance rituals to leave whatever world they left when they walk through the door behind ,

join the floor , go to that place together , and assembling

at the hand of the DJ with everything in its nature .

Since the pandemic, like all other industries, our beloved club and culture scene was put on the shelf, unreachable for the tallest, but it’s starting to come back, as the city loosens the grip on rules and regs,

Our Blackbird

DJ Sudeep K

A prodomant member of Toronto’s House Music Family (among other genres )

Has been playing , hosting and spreading the gospel of all thighs music

also has had his live show sets put on that same shelf .

With more venues back to hosting , he joined a great line up in the city

alongside several other Toronto staples

and it's a great sign.

I caught a few words with him earlier today touching on what's happening....

Where was the Venue?

The Mix 669 Collage Street “ the little brother to Remix "which will re launch in a bigger venue when things are back to normal

What had happened with the “no music on patios” they tried to stop ?

They bypassed the music on the patio by having us DJ on the stage but the speakers were in the door playing outside , but not physically outside, to get around it.

Can we expect anything from your live sets coming up ?

I think we will be doing it again on the weekend of Thanksgiving at Mix669 with the same line up

We have his live set from the evening for you to checkout

This week charting in 4 Genres on the Mixcloud charts

click on Sudeep's shot below to check out this week's mix




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