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I am a Lineman by trade that has taken on a 36'x12' backyard garden project. Which I believe will be informative and entertaining to watch as I fumble my way through attempting to grow a harvestable crop by season's end. All while teaching my youngest son about the value of hard work, commitment and hopefully a bountiful harvest payout.

 I am certain to have missteps along the way as we plot our way through to season's end, but with an eclectic music mix backdrop, good weather and humorous father son exchanges.

I am sure within the show there will be something for everyone. My hope is to generate an interactive narrative without boundaries yet driven toward positivity.

 There will be tunes, guests for the odd beer, failures and successes. This show will be organic in nature with little scripting.

 Basically an open platform backyard for us all to hang out together in.


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