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The term week 8 probably wouldn't mean anything to anyone.

But around here for the blackbirds and our nest it means we are in our 8th week of delivering you different blocks of music ,information,and video.

Every new week that arrives, we make different changes to the best of our ability to bring you better.

Up until week 7 we had only one or two show segments running on the Monday Tuesday Wednesday.

We decided as a group to combine all of those shows and put them together back-to-back and make a full evening of Thursday.

We just wanted to share that change in programming to let you know

from Thursday to Saturday

on any given evening,

you can fire it on and we have something on .

We book end those 3 days with a great Sunday morning showcase

that starts at 11 .

and rap up the week with a video featre

Our mission is simple

We do what we do For the Love of the game with hopes that whatever show, set, project that is being featured, gets to you.

We also have all of our artists shows on a backlog if you want to check it out on your own time.

It's a pleasure for us to bring you a new Thursday

and wish you an awesome rest of the weekend.

And click below for your Vibe of the day

~May good Juju find you~


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