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Meet the Intern 

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Lil Alien is is our foreign exchange student Reporter from Lil Alien Galaxy

on a student exchange with their system.

We give them  Anthony (he's a fun-gi) for the student exchange

From time to time we will be sending our Lil Alien out on assignments to cover in and around our planet from time to time.


"Being part of Black Donnelly Media means I promise to operate in a fast-paced world where changes happen often and quickly.

This media section includes all the exciting news and updates from all over the joint 

~Yours Truly Lil Alien"

 "It's Out Of This World" 

Lockdown issues
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Lil Alien / Live On Location 

Black Donnelly Media

Here to inform & entertain you

Bathurst & St Clair, Toronto, Ontario,M6C2M2

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