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2 Artists, 2 Worlds,1Song:Rednote Selector Jennifer Barrett Cut Reggae Jewel Miles Apart |By Anthony

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Canadian Rednote Selector and Jamaican Singer Jennifer Barrett have come together to collaborate on an exciting new reggae masterpiece.

Two artists from two very different worlds, Rednote from Canada and Barrett from Jamaica, have managed to create a unique and powerful sound that they have released on a special 7-inch vinyl. .

This is even more special as it is the first official release on Shane's new independent record label, Small Chop Records

Through their collaboration, Rednote and Barrett have made a reggae song that is sure to become a classic.

So we rewind to post-production, which is when I was offered the opportunity to work with this duo together, which had me on the canvas for both the Record Artwork Design and Video Producer, I took them up on the offer with an overwhelming feeling of excitement, as up until this point I was experienced in numerous sides of The entertainment and music industry, with these two being exceptions, so it was a great opportunity for me in the same light.

Di Artists

Jennifer Barrett:

Kingston, Jamaica

"Small Chop Soundsystem is one of the most genuine sounds to work with. Rednote and I, Jennifer Barrett have perfect chemistry. I always joke with Rednote saying, `we are like Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones``. The song ``Dub is a Battlefield came about by Rednote Selector asking me to sing a version of the original song ``Love is a Battlefield`` by Pat Benatar but instead, using sound system culture as the theme

and changing the title to ``Dub is a Battlefield``.

So, I took my pen and started writing the lyrics for the version. It took me one evening during the night until the next morning to put the lyrics together. Shane and I have a great relationship. He is a great Producer.

Thank you Small Chop Soundsystem for this production. Heartbeat to heartbeat, we belong. I want to thank the world for loving me."

-Jennifer Barrett


Rednote Selector

Toronto, Canada

Having been collecting & selecting reggae records for over 30 years and recently building my Small Chop Soundsystem to showcase them, It was obvious to me that the next logical step was to create my own records. That is when the stars aligned and I met Jennifer Barrett.

Being blessed with the opportunity to work with Miss Jennifer Barrett from Kingston, Jamaica has been nothing short of a dream come true. I was first inspired by having noticed her online promoting her songs which prompted me to reach out to her and give her praises for her work and to share in my excitement of recently becoming her fan.

We instantly became friends and shared our passion for Jamaican culture and reggae music in general. Over the following weeks, we had many discussions which eventually brought us to consider working together.

I decided to create my first dubplate with her using her recently released “Warning” song. A song about a warning to all Nations about the looming destruction of our planet if people don’t get their shit together. I liked her message and with traditional dubplate clash style in mind,

I decided to customize a fitting dub of my own with Jennifer to issue a “warning” to other sound operators that small chop was on the block now and to beware of the pending destruction brought by my sound.

Although the track was recorded, it was never released. We continued to work together. This time I wanted to put Rednote Selector, my alias on the map and put out my first record. We cut a white label dubplate version of Tony Tribes's “Red Red Wine” and turned the track into a “red note” version, which is also known as Loverboy in other parts of the world.

It amazed me with the reach and love that the track and record gathered and as Jennifer boasted - “the people dem love it!!”. It is still in my record box today and it was a first for me and small chop records.

Di Composition

Jennifer and I have worked one more time together which as it turns out, is our latest production. “Dub is a Battlefield” is the third time working together with Jennifer and as they say the third time is a charm

. Being in a great community here in Toronto, I reached out to a good friend many know as Dubmatix and shared an idea I was working on with Jennifer Barrett.

I had the vision to rework the classic “Love is a battlefield” by Pat Benatar into a sound system-friendly version called “ Dub is a battlefield”. Dubs agreed to supply the BUSTA riddim to be used as the backing track to help bring my creative vision to reality for which I am grateful.

Rather than pressing another white label I decided to take things more seriously this time

Which to my delight brought me to enlist Small Chop co-operator and talented designer, Anthony Donnelly into the process by creating the artwork for the next record.

He has an amazing creative approach to life and knocked it out of the park with his contribution. So much so, that the record artwork he supplied gave birth to a new Logo that would eventually become the official logo for not only the new record label but the sound system itself. I would say I was impressed to put it lightly.

It was then recorded in Jamaica and cut onto 7” vinyl as SMALL CHOP 002 and stands as the label's first Official release to date.

A process I am proud the share as a sound system operator.

Due to the new & instant success the release obtained, a decision to make small chop records a permanent fixture was an easy one to make.

We give thanks and feel blessed to be able to work with the artists we choose to work with and look forward to working with them again as well as more great artists which will appear on small chop records in the future.


-Rednote Selector / Sound System Operator

Anthony Donnelly

Branding | Art & Video | imagin Directa

Toronto, Canada

Having absolutely no background in record label art design was the least of my worries, I think the main focal point and concern any of conceptual artist designing any sort of label for a band should consist of knowing the artist, awareness of your audience, knowing the product, and branding to the demographic target audience..

I have known Shane owner and operator of (Small Chop Records) in and out of the fibers of my life since God who knows, working in the music and entertainment industry independently and in as a team. Together, we've collaborated on several projects, so when Shane came up with the concept of Small Chop Records I was excited to become part of the wheelhouse

.For this design project, the focus was on designing an album cover for a reggae record, now I spend a lot of time digging through record bins of all types of music cultures and reggae. From the very beginning, I knew what he wanted from me: the Grass Roots style from the original reggae 7-inch records from the 1960s on Independently released Jamaican records.

When I first had the idea of designing it and putting it together in a modern-day world I also risked people unfamiliar with classic Reggae being confused to find my artwork armature basic, in reality, it couldn't be further from that.

After several drafts going back and forth, we locked in the final design of the second record for The Small Chop record label that I was proud to work on.

I was able to create a product that resonates with a contemporary audience, as well.

I had published a full back story on the designing of the label and what not, if you missed it, and feel you would like more of that back story,

Its accessible in our library

Di Video

Now as like the artwork I created for the project, my entrance to the opportunity of making the video was the first time, but this time I had a lot more pep in my step with the response

witch was positive feedback from both Shane & Jennifer with the artwork I created for the track , and signed on board for the video.

Shane had then got in touch with the jewel of Jamaica over there , Jennifer , and she had went around her part of the village in Kingston with her telephone gathering up footage of family, friends and local legends to give the video a warm welcoming to le the listener into her world and the vibe of their part of the island , check it out below

Lookin Fahwad

It didn't take too much time before I realized how special their collaboration was going to be, It felt like both souls were connected regardless of the distance between them, through mutual respect for their individual sounds.

The success that should come from this project will instantaneously be well received by fans in the Indie Reggae community, knowing how rare yet valuable it was to hear both of their styles blend so seamlessly into a masterpiece. The reggae song that they created on special 7-inch vinyl was just the start of what is soon to become an iconic collaboration between Canadian artist DJ Rednote, and Jamaican artist Jennifer Barrett;

Not only did they create something beautiful but they made sure that Shane’s new independent record label “Small Chop Records” should gain some major recognition after their success.

It was great to be behind the canvas for the imaging and video production on this project, with hopes in carrying on the sprit , and keeping the torch lit with optimism in what lies ahead in the projects to come,


Tings Ya Must Know & Weh Fi Guh

We sure hope the video and the track resonate with you and brought some pleasure, as it was our pleasure cutting the release.

With that being said, if that is the case, we have everything set up properly to purchase the MP3 Format copy, and for the record collector, limited time 7-inch vynl

Just click the logo here below for all things merchandise, and contact info.

Black Donnelly Media Is A Proud Sponsor & Partners In Rhyme With

Small Chop Soundsystems


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Keep your ears to the ground

and may good juju find you



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