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Anthony's Ecstasy & Spacedust Vol 2 Feat / T.O Producer Gene King Sat.26.22

This coming Sat.26.22 show is the Follow-up to (Ecstasy & Spacedust Volume 1) Featuring Toronto House Producer Gene King For Volume 2

If you missed the first volume of Ecstasy & Spacedust featuring Shane Hockett

It's currently doing great in the Mixcloud Global Charts holding down 3 positions 85th in the New Disco Genre 35th in the Indie Dance Genre 10th In the Funk Genre Check out the chart topper here just click the pic for the vibe. This Saturday, March, 26th for Volume 2 going to be touching on Rats In The Kitchen, The ending of Ontario Benefits, ,& things that have changed life Post Pandemic. I have a ton of new music, changing my vibe completely, with the best in new indie, space funk, and intergalactic disco/ house. Also hosting my 2nd guest feature on my new show bit titled .......

One DJ One Number

I will be bringing on a featured guest DJ, to get a brief bit of history, where they came from, and where they are leading to the big question...

if they had one number, what would it be ?

Volume 2 featuring Montreal / Toronto DJ / Producer Gene King

You may know him from such rooms as

Revival / Bassline Music Bar / Andy Poolhall / Bunda Lounge and a sleuth of others....

King founded his very own Shines Records imprint, which later spawned Plusgroove Records, releasing such dance-floor faves as “Sunrise" (by Genetix ft. Shanchoy), "Do with You" (by Suges ft. Limore), and many others. The year 1993 saw King joining the ranks of Toronto's CKLN 88.1 FM, where he began deejaying "on the air" for the Midnight Madness show (later known as Soul Fusion Express).

King can be heard on www.iliveradio.com, Saturdays From 12AM to 2AM, EST

.and Wednesday Night @ www.soundzmuzicradio.com from 8Pm EST to 10Pm........

Were going to get to know him a little bit better with the ultimate question,

What's the Number?

Next Upcoming shows

April 2nd will be soul Veteran DJ Allan Best with more coming

May Good Juju Find You


Check out the show promo below


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