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Do You Judge A Person By Their Music? You May Be Right: By Anthony Featuring Sudeep K

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

It is safe to say that no one ever really likes to admit that they judge people by certain traits, but every single person knows that they do.

I went through a phase there where I was convinced I could judge people by their clothing, like what scene they're into what music they like.

I'm still pretty confident and I can get a really good read on someone by their shoes, and if it doesn't fit , chances are we probably won't vibe

The one thing I'm definitely guilty of and probably has a 9 out of 10 accuracy rate ,would be judging someone by their musical taste.

By no means am I a music snob, with hopes I am not comming across as one, music lover / collector yes . Incase you want to see where you are with that , this chart may help lol

I would say if you really want to get to know a person, what they're all about, what their makeup is, what their nature is, and if they have a soul or not……

just simply look through their record collection, or even look through their musical playlist. and it will tell you precisely what kind of person they are, It's definitely the case for me. I will even sometimes go as far as

judging a person by which lead singer they like better

Are you a Brian Johnson person? Or are you a Bon Scott person?

Are you a David Lee Roth or Sammy Haggar?

There's actually one band where I can judge people by which band member they like out The Beatles

Another way to check someone's personality is when you meet someone possibly at a pub and they go on the Jukebox and within a couple of songs, you can tell exactly who they are, at least I have always felt that., and the odds are you will probably want something to do with them, or absolutely fuck all to do with them. there's no gray area.

If you feel you possess these extra-musical sorcery senses that give you the power and the ability to cast judgment on who a person is, or what they are all about, your friends think you're crazy. or your partner thinks you're rude because you are constantly judging people by their taste in music?

Well, you can tell them that you were apparently right the whole time.

According to The Science Times

Perhaps we've been guilty of passing judgment on others based on their musical preferences. Even as a joke, how a person's music taste turns us off as individuals has an underlying reality. You can call it judgmental if you like, but you can't argue with science.

Does A Person's Music Taste Really Matter?

Many psychological studies confirmed that our musical tastes are related to how we think about and respond to our environment.

One study, titled "Musical Preferences are Linked to Cognitive Styles," found a correlation between our capacity for empathy and our favorite musical genres. The study's authors claimed that people use empathy when perceiving different musical material types, responding both emotionally and physiologically. Empathy is described as "the ability to identify, anticipate, and respond appropriately to the mental states of others." People also use empathy while perceiving different types of musical content.

A person's musical preferences reveal

much of their political affiliations too.

Psychologist Sam Gosling said a conservative's bedroom contains high

conscientiousness and low openness trademarks like sports memorabilia, various flags, and alcohol bottles. A liberal's bedroom,

on the other hand, displays their transparency with a range of books on topics like travel and ethnic concerns, as well as CDs of diverse genres like world music, folk music, classic and modern rock, and "oldies."

You can also blame your parents

if anyone suggests you have bad music taste.

A 2011 survey titled "Intergenerational Continuity of Taste: Parental and Adolescent Music Preferences" claimed that mothers' and fathers' taste in Pop music was linked to their children's preference for Pop and Dance music. Their preference for Rock seemed to reflect their daughter's taste in music, but not their sons'.

Music tastes shift over time, but a long-term favorite is associated with a powerful emotional experience.

Participants' motives and personal stories were linked to their favorite music in a small-scale study. If the study titled "Short- and Long-Term Musical Preferences: What Makes a Favourite Piece of Music?" holds true on a larger scale, it can also demonstrate how emotional an individual can be.

Meanwhile, Rob Brooks said the music you like between the ages of 16 and 21 is the music you'll like later in life. It all makes sense because we have so many first encounters in our late adolescence and early adulthood.

He also discussed a thesis on the longevity of rock stars conducted by Mark Bellis at Liverpool John Moores University. Musicians on the all-time Top 1000 albums of rock and pop music are more than 1.7 times as likely to die between ages three and 25 as North Americans or Europeans of the same generation. Drugs and alcohol are the leading causes of death, accompanied by cancer, cardiovascular disease, injuries, crime, and suicide.


While it is true that you can never judge a book by its cover, it seems that you can judge someone by their playlist. So don't feel guilty if you don't get along with someone whose musical tastes are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Music serves as a common ground, but it is not for all. Who knows, your musical tastes can affect theirs, and vice versa.


There is someone in our wheel house that like myself and

others around here are very tough to judge and read based on music

due to the diversity of genres and taste

music chameleons if you will,

and he is back with a brand new episode


Your Almost Weekly Mix of

Alternative Gem's as selected by Sudeep K.

This Episode features songs you may not have heard before with songs you may have forgotten about and of course songs you love.


This show was

4th in the global post-punk chart,

5th in the global indie dance chart,

12th in the global indie chart and

53rd in the global electronica chart.

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