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It is no great mystery this host has absolutely no time for politics, and believes the left and right wing belong to the same bird.

It is also no great mystery that Donald Trump

has apparently "been diagnosed" with C19.

With the amount of lies and agenda driven skullduggery conjured for manipulation that comes from this level of government, one can even be left wondering does he even actually have C19 ?

It is in my eyes this is all definitely agenda driven,

and if it's not , one can only hope nature will take its course,

the same as the hundreds of thousands that have been left to perish under his reign

with his handling of C19.

That's my two cents on politics this morning…….


We are celebrating our week 20/ 5 month anniversary

this evening at with a brand new host at 9PM

all the way from Edinburgh Scotland

Scottieboy is usually found in his record room, a man cave if you will, surrounded by his records, his many records. Ones from a long time ago and ones from now.

One minute he is rocking the underground house and the next twisted, dubbed up disco, the next conscious Reggae. Having grown up in a hotel, he knows what people want, few DJ’s know the crowd as he does, having started doing weddings at 16 and when the function hall was free DJing for mates and organising Bowie nights, it all happened at an early age. Been doing it for about 40 years.

Music loves Scottieboy and Scottieboy loves music!

Originally trained as a chef in the early 1980’s, soon he was hating that life and found the clubs and his people. All walks of people, the alternative life took over and so did the eclectic state of mind. Having worked in Bars, clubs and record shops, also sharing his knowledge on a weekly music page he continues to DJ, always DJing.

Vinyl is the thing and the thing is vinyl!

Shambala Festival (Northamptonshire) and Wee Dub (Edinburgh) are the festivals of choice, done both festivals from the start, as I have done in the past with the now defunct Farmageddon (Oxford).

Having hosted radio shows for the past 10 years, started on Invader FM (Bristol) as The Motherchip, then developed 60 shows as Face For Radio, arrived at (London) to do a limited run of 12 shows called Boutique Hi-Fi.

Now on Ness Radio. You can find some of them on Mixcloud, should you want to. Eclectic is the order of the day.

check his show out tonight




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