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Equality & Democracy Are A Farce When Tyranny Rules The Roost. By Anthony Feat: Rednote Selector

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Its all in todays issue-By Anthony

The pie-in-th-sky Ideology of Democracy is a farce.

The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community do not exist, and the principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community seem further away than it has ever been as we now see the ashes of democracy and equality left in a pile from the flames of Phoenix.

I ask you, how can we ever achieve living in some drummed-up conceptual utopian democracy, when we just destroyed the building blocks that consist of equality that contain the make-up of Democracy, surely that would be Democracy's strongest asset?

Our Government and Religious Organizations can't make it any clearer that if an individuals own personal faith and views, does not fit with their faith or beliefs, the choices that are to be made about your own body, have fuck all to do with you, and how and what one does , with ones body, is ruled and decided by the tyrant.

That simple.

As a society, we just managed to crawl out of a two-year pandemic, a two-year in existence that had done nothing but, take, take and take.

It took jobs, businesses, communities, dignity, and lives.

We have just come out of the clutches of a very trying episode, and straight into the arms of inequality with bent benches that line the courtrooms of the Tyrants, the Almighty Religious Groups, and the God-forsaken Government, that all now cast the hardships and struggle for equality right the fuck back where it came from, some 50 odd years ago These people are willing to through all that was accomplished in the trash and see society torn in a uproar by making someone else's choice, for the sake of what their beliefs are, and not the voice of the people, or the body it belongs to? This is flat-out Tyranny.

If we as the people are willing to accept this, where does this stop? how low does the bar drop (if it could anymore) and does this pure and utter self-centered Dictating “God-Given” Tyrant abuse of power become the status quo?

We cant ask “ what kind of world are they living in” , as we already know the answer,

it's their world, we have to live in it apparently.

But glory be to God, here comes the institution of all things children

the Vatican has chimed in

" Vatican praises court abortion decision"

The praise this Priesthood claims to be granting, & publicly broadcasting, is a fucking joke, These are praises that are of use to no one, praises that carry zero credibility or merit,.

Praises that are dripping with the blood of children all over the hands and on to the cloth of The Priest, The Clergy, and the Governing Hierarchy of the Entire Catholic Church, & the Vatican.

Now, these are the cold hard facts by the numbers, coming from the child trafficking, raping, molesting, murders, who are apparently the foot soldiers of Jesus Christ, and all things holy and sacred?

A group of child-raping murderers that have been repeatedly rocked by child sexual abuse scandals over the last three decades, more than any single organization in existence.

Did that make you uncomfortable? I sure hope it did, as to become desensitized to the gruesome acts these people have peppered throughout their timeline also holds us accountable would it not, for letting all of this happen, and not doing a thing? But wait a minute ,no, it's The Hierarchy of the Vatican, Justice and Government that let them away with it, which in turn normalizes it, promotes it, and is the enabler.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Albert Einstein

The Catholic Church had concluded there were about 216,000 victims of sexual abuse carried out by the French Catholic Church’s clergy between 1950 and 2020.

Poland’s Catholic Church released new figures of the number of complaints it has received alleging sexual abuse at the hands of its clergy.

In total, 368 complaints were made to the Church between 2018 and 2020 relating to alleged abuse by more than 290 priests and other religious figures. The cases stretch as far back as 1958 and 173 of them concern children under the age of 15, which is the age of consent in Poland.

Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses, an Associated Press investigation has found. These priests, deacons, and monks, now teach middle-school math. They counsel survivors of sexual assault.

They work as nurses and volunteer at nonprofits aimed at helping at-risk kids. They live next to playgrounds and daycare centers. They foster and care for children. And in their time since leaving the church, dozens have committed crimes, including sexual assault and possessing child pornography, the AP’s analysis found.

Let's do not forget about our own Government and the “Men & Woman Of The Cloth”

  • More than 150,000 indigenous children were taken from their families and placed in residential schools

  • The system began in 1863 and was expanded after Canada passed the 1876 Indian Act

  • Children were forced to cut long hair, banned from speaking their own languages, and some were sexually abused

  • An estimated 6,000 children are believed to have died, with some later buried in unmarked graves

  • Last year, protests erupted after more than 1,000 unmarked graves were discovered at former schools

Catholic Church sexual abuse cases in Canada are well documented dating back to the 1960s. The preponderance of criminal cases with Canadian Catholic dioceses named as defendants that have surfaced since the 1980s strongly indicates that these cases were far more widespread than previously believed.

An institution that has the most extensive record of any group, holding the highest rates of child sexual abuse with minors, rape, murder, and child trafficking, should not only be denied the right to say a single word about anything, but they should be locked up along with the same governments that are passing these down.

As I'm writing this I can assure you I have no personal agenda or vendetta, nor am I taking shots on the church /justice system based on my own personal beliefs or opinions, I am basing it all on fact. This behavior is unacceptable in any arena of any organization.

If these are the people that promote and are supposedly going to Heaven, one could only fucking imagine what kind of place that Hell must be, for god's sake.

If you're reading this, you're from the United States, and you have to visit Canada specifically Toronto Ontario, either for surgeries, appointments, or for anything that you've been denied of , that is your free choice as well, but stand to face being criminalized, I open my home to you for your visits for whatever business you need to take care of.

You can even come anonymously, I don't even need to know your name

You will have a safe place with anomality, but you will not be a criminal,

How the hell are we supposed to work on democracy when we can't even work on equal rights, and this is coming from the top?

Equal rights for all sexes, all religions, all races all genders, are crucial and must be a part of the makeup of the building blocks to form a society where we can all live together, where no one is judged or ruled or classed by sexuality, identity, race, religion, or creed, especially from the likes of the people it's coming from, it goes against the grain of its own rules for fuck sakes, it's an insult to humans.

If a person has no control over the decisions they chose with their own body, and forced against our will to be denied of our own choices, then we are living our life in the hands of the Tyrant.

We are all in agreement that child sexual offenders are literally, the scum of the Earth, why is there exceptions to the rule when it is comming from Churches , wealthy people of power, Monarchs and Entertainment Celebrities' ? These people are calling the shots about what citizens can and can't do with their bodies? and this Criminal Motley Crew of all people, are the ones who get to decide what's Moral, Ethical, and Humane? This stinking lot of enablers and groups, begs the garbage, not question.

If what one choses they do with their own body, is put in the hands of the Tyrant, we are destined for more of the likes of this, surly….

The likes of this lot are A Cancer to society that are standing in the way of justice, equality, rights, and progress. They lead by example when showing the rest of the world that Tyranny, Child Molestation, and Dictatorships are free at will to set rules, to suit their own faith, Ideology & Agenda and it is utterly acceptable.

To the women affected by this dark abuse of power, you have been let down, we have been let down!



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